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Pre-k Insight

Dear parents,

What a fun and exciting week! The students are super excited about the art auction and predicted that their art work will be sold for hundred million dollars! Come prepared to spend lots of money!!!

Small group explorations!

This week for literacy we made

letters with the help of play dough. We made the beginning sounds in our

name and some of our family's.

Cooperative and movement class was so fun! We had different kind of movement activities

such as crawling, bike riding and racing.

Journal time was filled with funny and interesting stories. Here are a few quotes:

Julieta- "The smoke came out when I was cooking. I didn't see the ghost so I called the police! The police came, took him away and put him in jail. But he escaped because he is a ghost!"

Sebastian- "The moon crashed into the land! And the became moon land!"

Louis- "This is England. It is covered with ghosts, but

I chased them away because I am the transformer!"

Have a great weekend!

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