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Pre K and Kindergarten News

Usually, around this time most areas turn into orange, yellow and brown colors, filled with dry plant scent and nice weather. On the other hand in Ethiopia its usually dry but cold evenings and mornings surrounded by yellow 'Enkutatsh' flowers. We are not sure of what is happening at the moment.

October also brings adorable kids

dressed in spooky costumes to our doors to collect sweets. Our Little Einsteins community also wanted to bring this into our school because we wanted to celebrate a different set of Family day this year. For the first time in LE history, we are doing Halloween themed family day starting from 3:00pm-6:00 pm. Your children wants us to encourage thier parents to have a costume. Some of our activities such as Art, Language, and Science have Halloween spirit.

As far as our expedition goes we are now focused on our body Parts this week. We talked about the outside features as in our visible body parts and that there might be variation considering where we come from.

Also addressed that due to accidents and birth difficulties we have a different structure of the body in size or shape but its all perfect just the way it is

Luckily we

were able

to find

a dead

bird to compare our body features too.

As ways of learning our school thought us; we went to the science room we questioned and understood more as we observe, compare and draw conclusion at first hand experiance.


- We are celebratating Family day on Oct 27th from 3pm-6pm.

- Please return libray folders with books every Thuresdays.

- Please send extra set of complite rain clothing.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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