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Pre-K Weekly Insight

Dear Parents,

We hope you had an eventful week as we did. The week before we opened our bookstore. The event included an opening party. We would like to thank all parents who participated in the grand opening of the bookstore. Because of your participation all our students have fulfilled their desires and goals to publish their books.

Our Beach and Ocean Center project has come to fruition after the hard work and creativity of our students. Students can now choose the beach center at work time. The beach center includes a beach side with a sand box, an ocean, palm trees and different type of fishes.

We only have one week left to finish the term and go on holydays. We are still open for winter camp! It will be from Dec 24th- Jan 11th. The winter camp will have fun and exciting activities that will engage and stimulate all aspects of curricular areas.

What we worked on this week....


Our Monday large group discussion started with last Fridays grand opening of the bookstore. We started by reading our board. We counted the days and sung our morning songs. Our main activity for small group was science. During the previous week Noha suggested that our science activity should be working with shaving cream and food coloring to come up with different colors. So we went to our science class. During the experiments Camilla observed and said, “Shaving cream mixed with red color gives pink and the blue color mixed with shaving cream gives green color.”

We all mixed colors with the shaving cream give different colors. After wards we took our colors out to dry by the sun.


Our main activity for small group on Tuesday was math. While working on our large group Camilla told our group “I know how Lamas eat and they spit.” Camilla recalled an entire conversation from the previous day. We started our small group by counting numbers with the help of number cards. We also worked on matching the number with number of items and educational toys. Seven counted and put the toyswith the proper sequence until number eleven.


Our large group was fully active on Wednesday. We started our small group with asking what the main activity was. Once we all said Literacy we took our pencils and worksheets out to our tracing area. We practiced and worked on tracing letters. After tracing letters we made space for making words. And we tried to write words.


Our main activity for small group was library. We headed to the library and selected books. While our selection took place we explored a variety of books.


Our main activity for Friday was journals. On Jesse’s Journal she said ”This is mom and me and the flower is for my dad”. Camilla drew rainbows and the sun. Seven also drew a rainbow and talked about his baby sister.

Next Week Plans

Monday- Science (focuses on our five senses)

Tuesday- Math (shape puzzle of our own)

Wednesday- Literacy (Zoo-phonics)

Thursday- Library

Friday- Journals( sharing stories)


Thursday: Music and Movement

Tuesday: Art


Tuesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wears their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities could get messy!

Since its a sunny season please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Thursday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Have a nice weekend!

Negede, Halefom and Eyrus

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