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Early Preschool This Week!

Dear Parents,

We had such a fun week with the kids. Even if the new flu epidemic is giving kids a hard time, we still managed to cope up with our plan and do a lot of investigations and exploration.

Sneak peek of our week!

Our large groups were intended to strengthen the bonds between kids and teachers. We encourage kids to express their ideas confidently and to speak freely. So in most of our large groups, we take time to talk what's on our minds. We take turns to talk about what we pleased to share. Some conversations in our class include:

"I am sad Yamlak is not here."

"I have a big track at home, and if you pull it back, it will go fast."

In our math class, we learned how we can measure materials. We used different sized straws to match them with equal sized lines on the paper. We also tried to use measurement terms Like 'Long, 'short,' 'longest'and, 'shortest'.

In our literacy class, we tried to develop our storytelling skills. We took some time to draw a story and share it with our friends. This skill will help us improve our writing, and speaking.

One of the fun things we did this week was our science investigation. We investigated materials that dissolve in water. The materials we used were water, stones, flour, oil, salt, chalk, sugar, cream, and soil. After explaining what the activity is the kids were excited to try to see which materials dissolved in water and which ones don't. Along the way, we investigated the nature of different materials, developed our language and learned to work together to achieve a goal. It was fun!

Our art project started this week. We started making series of artworks, which will represent our 1st semester at early preschool class. This week's piece was about 2D shapes like Circle, Square, Rectangle, and Triangle. We used different color paint, canvas, and different 2D shape. We had such a great time painting on our canvas and talking about shapes.

For physical development and health, our music and movement sessions play a big role. Our music class had become fun and energetic. We enjoyed singing songs like Apple and Bananas and Freeze song. After the songs, Gymnastics took over and the kids practiced hand and headstands with the help of our instructor Yonas.

Have great Weekend!

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