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Infants and Toddlers

We had a wonderful week! Everybody was excited to be back at school after the one-week break. We are so happy to have Victor back in our group.

This week for large group we had a fun time exploring different corners of our room like the drawing corner, puzzles and animal corner. After we explored the corners we sat in a circle, said ‘Hello’ to our friends and sang some songs that our friends chose, some of those songs where Ali Ba Ba’s Farm and Miss Polly. After we sang the songs we took turns every day choosing books from our shelves, since everybody has a favorite book.

This week for small group we had Exploring with Animals, color sorting and Ocean Fun.

For Ocean Fun, we had a great time exploring with different areas in the center. Before we started exploring in the different areas we sat in a circle so we could talk about the ocean center and areas we found in the center (swimming area, sand box and the picnic area). Once we were done talking we let the children choose which area they want to explore. It was an amazing time, some children were swimming in the little pool and some were making sand castles in the sand box, while some were in the picnic area making food for their friends.

Next week


Tuesday-Color Sorting


Thursday-Scarf Pulling

Friday-Big and Small


Every Wednesday is our Library day so please send the library folders with your child.

Have a nice weekend!

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