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Infants and Toddlers Second Week!

Dear parents,

Infants and toddlers second week went great! We are getting busy with our theme, studying a lot about our body parts with the help of songs books and activities.

We kept our songs and books as it is like last week. We still enjoy singing and reading the books about body parts. We are also happy to say that some friendships are beginning to form too! We are eager to see how these new friendship is going to develop in the coming months. we all enjoyed helping each other understand the routine and have fun as we go.

Next weeks Plan

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Literacy

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Science(Sensory exploration)

Friday - Math


Fridays - Library

Wednesdays - Art and dancing class with Dawit

Mondays -Music


As we have Art on Wednesday try to send your child with art appropriate cloth.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

Negede and Worke

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