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Kindergarten February Update

We have been super busy in February! From celebrating 100 days of school, organizing a trip Zoma Museum, and we had a lot of students that celebrated their birthdays in February!

We are also happy to remind you that our second family day will be on March 7th from 11:00 am- 2:00 pm. Everyone is excited to spend the day with you all and show you our new centers and share with you what we have been learning! You can bring a snack to share, and we will be providing drinks! Hope to see you all!

Here are a few photos of how we spent our day at Zoma Museum!

What we learned this month!

Language- Fun time with Rhymes was a massive hit this month as we challenged ourselves with some tricky words and tried to figure out their last sounds! We also explored with a lot of materials and tried to find their rhymes. We had a picture card to support our learning. We have also started reading I Can Read books, and we take them home every day to read with our parents! Please don’t forget to send it back the next day so we can take a new one!

Games- mention the word water, and the whole class is already on both feet waiting for instructions! We had a water balloon, plastic bag filled with water, and balancing water on our head to play with. Balancing the plate filled with water was a bit tricky and the most fun!!!!

Art- exploring with paint is always exciting, and we still indulge ourselves when we create a specific piece! We had a variety of paint colors to use, and each of us at least had two pieces of work completed. Mixing different colors were so fun, and we all enjoyed coming up with exciting new shades of color!

Math- In math class, we have been solving questions related to addition and subtraction, learning to read and write number sentences, counting and identifying numbers from 25- 100, and analyzing and recording data on the board.

New Work Time Areas!

Invention Center

We are happy to announce the creation of our new center called the invention center. Students will have the opportunity to come and convert their ideas into reality.

The center will be developed by the students and will ultimately continue to run according to their ideas. We decided to move the cars and trucks center outside by the ramp area and replaced the invention center where the cars and trucks center used to be.

The Materials we are planning to use are old cardboards, paints, recycled paper, yogurt cups, strings, tubes, clay, yarn, glue, etc. The first project developed was a robot named Risma, and this week we are in the process of making Tractors inspired by Farm center. We are building Tractor parts one by one. We also want to thank Little Einstein’s community, who send us some recyclable materials.

Color Fridays!

Celebrating and choosing a color each week has been so much fun! This experience has brought us closer to each other! Every week each class got a chance to choose their favorite color and, along the way learned the meaning of the colors and their different shades!

Next Friday we will be wearing the color Yellow chosen by the Infants class!

Have a great weekend!

Maraki and Samrawit

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