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A Great Week In Infant And Toddlers

Dear parents,

It’s been a wonderful week!

Large group

Our large group was full of fun, curiosity, and knowledge. Before we began, we discussed "what we had for breakfast", which helped the children develop their communication skills. After that, we sang the 'Good Morning' song and 'If You're Happy and You Know It' song. Then, we took attendance by having the children walk up and stick their pictures under the happy face to indicate that they were present in class. Finally, we read a book called 'The Day at the Beach', which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Sit-Down Ball Passing

Last week, we played a game called Sit-Down Ball Passing. Engaging kids in fun and interactive activities like this is a great way to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We began the activity by sitting in a circle and explaining to the kids that we would be passing the ball back and forth between friends. It was a blast! The kids were fully engaged and passed the ball to each other with enthusiasm.


During this week's literary session, we continued with our telephone game activity. The main focus of the activity was to stimulate the child's imagination and encourage their participation through gestures, sounds, and play. The children were already familiar with the game and were extremely excited to play it again! It turned out to be a fun session, and we are proud to have witnessed significant improvements in their communication and language skills.

"What did you eat?" Tioluwa

"I eat Burger " Abiya

"Hello mammy" Noam


During our gymnastics session, we focused on stretching different body parts. To warm up, we started with some jumping and running exercises. Then, we set up two hula hoops a short distance apart and placed some balls on top of them. The children took turns by lying in the middle of the hula hoops, stretching their hands to get a ball and placing it on the other hula hoop. This activity helped us get our bodies moving, develop gross motor skills and more. Overall, it was a fantastic way to engage the kids and have fun while exercising.


  Exploring Puzzle Art

During the art activity, we created a puzzle collage on the canvas by sticking puzzles of different shapes and sizes on a painted canvas. The kids were very focused and enjoyed the activity.

Painting with Spaghetti

During our science session, we placed a mat on the floor of our classroom. The children were sitting eagerly, excited to know what we were going to do. Once the materials were ready, we introduced them and explained our science activity by showing a package of spaghetti and some food coloring. We gave each child a plate and they placed the spaghetti on it. Then, they chose a color and painted the spaghetti. It was a fun and engaging science experiment!


During our library day, we would sit in a circle and the teacher would read us a book. Afterward, the children would pair up to read with their friends. This activity helps to foster teamwork, communication skills, and friendship. Each child gets to choose their favorite book to read with their partner.

Opposite pair

During our math session, we explored opposite pairs using various materials such as balls. The students did an outstanding job and had a great time!


Next week’s plan

Monday – Cooperative game

Tuesday –Literacy

Wednesday –Gymnastic

Thursday –Science

Friday – Math


  Our specials

Wednesday -Art

Thursday- Library


  • Every Wednesday is art day, so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

  • Every Thursday is library day,  so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week ln library day.

Have a nice weekend!!


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