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Another great week in Pre K!

Dear Parents,

We are excited to share our highlights from another wonderful week. This past week, the kids worked on their ongoing projects, started some new things, and had a lot of fun doing it! 

Large group

We had a great time in large group this week! We are continuing to see great success with our class helper’s system- our class has shown so much responsibility, consideration and kindness and we are so proud! Of course, we continued our usual fun of sharing about our days, counting the caterpillar, doing circle time and seeing what new fun we have on our whiteboard every day!

Music and Movement

This week we had music and movement, and as usual the kids loved getting a chance to show off their dancing! They were super enthusiastic and the energy was high. We started off with some movement dances that the class has done before, including a new favorite- the macarena. The kids are such talented dancers and are doing amazing remembering all the different steps! Then, we did the “freeze” song, which is always fun. In this, we have dots set up around the room. The kids dance and move around the room until the song says freeze, and they must find a dot to stand on. We remove dots one by one each round until there is only one kid left and repeat the process for the duration of the session. We look forward to our next music and movement session!



This week for literacy, the kids got a chance to work on some zoophonics worksheets as well as time to work in their journals! We had 3 different zoophonics worksheets, each with their own letter and activity. We split the class into 3 groups and gave each group a different worksheet. Once they finished their first one, we gave them the next worksheet and so on until each kid had a chance with each worksheet. They did a fantastic job and were very engaged with it!




We had a wonderful time in science this week. First, the kids finished up working on plant parts and fruits/vegetables identification worksheets. The kids checked on their bean plants and watered them, and it’s amazing to see how fast these plants are growing! Then, the kids came up with categories and grouped some of the plant types we have been talking about. Continuing with this theme, we had a class discussion about growing food, nutrition, and healthy eating. They shared so many insightful ideas!


This week in art, the kids had a blast continuing to explore color theory. Last week, after our activity mixing shaving cream with food dye, in art they did a color mixing exercise to see what combinations come from primary colors and filled in squares with the colors they made. This week, they continued to create new shades and work on that canvas! Additionally, in clay time the kids have been putting final touches on the collaborative airplane sculpture they made. As always, they are incredibly innovative and artistic!


Our activities for next week will be:

Monday- Cooperative Game

Tuesday- Literacy (zoophonics)

Wednesday- Math

Thursday- Innovation Center

Friday- Science


Our Specials

Tuesday- Ethiopian Center

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday- Library

Friday- Art




  • Please don’t forget to send your child with a hat and sunscreen as it gets sunny after snack!

  • We are still collecting recycled material for our innovation center, so if you can spare any, we would greatly appreciate it!

  • On Thursdays, please return their Library Folder.

  • On Art days, please make sure to send your child with art appropriate clothing!


Have a wonderful weekend!


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