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Hello parents,

We had a fun-filled week with lots of exciting activities that the children really enjoyed. And at the same time, we would like to thank you for joining us for parent teacher meetings that were scheduled on Thursday and Friday this week; We do hope you enjoyed our meetings.

What Early Preschool and Preschool have been up to in our:

  • Cooperative game

  • Science

  • Literacy

  • Math

  • Library

Cooperative Games Day, this week we had such a tricky game. We had fun with it. The game was looking at the colors and following the rules. We had green, yellow, and red color dots all the colors were coded, green means sitting and yellow means walking, and the red is for standing. We then start to look on the colors and follow the rules. While the color is red, some of us were walking and the same sitting too. This is good way of learning how to follow directions! Cooperative game is always fun!!

Literacy: - We worked on our journal. We had been discussing about the months of the year focusing on which month is our birthday on. We talked about what makes that day especial from the cards we receive to the cake we eat with family and friends. After the discussions we draw how we want our birthdays to look like and we draw that on our journal pages. We all found different ways of expressing ourselves!

Science: - One of our themes we are exploring on is ‘All about me’ so we keep working on ourselves. We have been practicing how to tie our shoelaces and putting on our shoes. We found it as easy as pie for those who had crocks and flip-flop shoes but for those with laces, hook and loop that was somehow challenging, but we all were trying. Learning to tie shoelaces for the first time can be very rewarding.

Math: - We work on pattern activities this week. We have been using materials like blocks, loose parts and different color bears and dinosaur toys to make patterns. We found the activities to be so enjoyable. The children came up with different patterns that make it a good way of exploring their environment. Some of them were making patterns at snack time with grapes and raisin while they enjoy eating it. We all like the way we represent patterns more colorful and creative.

Gymnastics: Do you know that gymnastics helps kids to develop physical skills like body control, coordination and strength? Our little gymnasts were having a good time in this class. We warmed up our body. And rolling backward and forwards on the gymnastics mat. We do lots of animal poses like butterflies, frogs, and cows. We all are excited to have this in our weekly schedule.

Art; This week we had an abstract art work .we use straw and different paints to make our art more colorful. we have our sheet and straw with different paints on. We started to use the straw to blow the paint, that was amazing .we have seen the paint going around the sheet splashy!! we all were excited to see the final look but we need to finish and decorate it on the coming weeks .we are having our first art project we all are curies to see the result!!

Preschool and Early Preschool Explorations schedule after the break

For Preschool

  • Monday - Cooperative Game

  • Tuesday -Literacy

  • Wednesday – Science

  • Thursday – Math

  • Friday – Library


Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Art

For Early Preschool

  • Monday –Cooperative Games

  • Tuesday-Literacy

  • Wednesday – Science

  • Thursday –Library

  • Friday – Math


Monday - Music

Friday – Art


  • The weather is changing so don’t forget to put a hat and sunscreen in your child’s bag.

  • On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing.

  • Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library days.

Have an enjoyable fall break!!


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