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Dear parents, welcome back from fall break. We hope you had a great time with your family.

Our Large group was all about………

We have lots of explorations in different areas, coming back from the break the children really were excited to be back and see their friends and have a wonderful time. We also prepared an especial book where we all took time to draw our stories on. We sang different songs like; ‘Five Little Monkey’, ‘Head Shoulder Knees and toes’, 'Good Morning song’ the other song that we used for our small group was ’The feeling song’, ‘I like to move it, move it’. We also read a book called ‘Oh Dear’ book.

Our small groups

Our small group were pleasing; the children were interested with all the activity we

explore with making sensory bottle, open the top, and emotion. Making Sensory bottles; Our Making sensory bottle activities was exciting. We collected different materials like Colorful beads, battens, water bottle, and Foil. First, we discussed about all the materials we have out, we talked about the shapes, colors, and textures. After each children have their own water bottles, they slowly started to put the beads and buttons and foils in the jars so carefully. The whole activity took their focus and the took their time. And finally, they put some water in to make their sensory bottles. They were excited to make their sensory bottles and to finally be able to shake it around and enjoy the cause and effects.

Our other activity was called opening the top, we want to challenge our children to open easy- difficult tops. We used a water jar, cookie jar, lunch box, can and for our infant children we used their own water bottles. We discussed about the materials, then we show them how they can open, it was very challenging for the children as they were trying to open in different ways.

Feeling Emotions’ was the activity that they were very interested in and discussed about different emotional feeling like Happy, Sad, Angary, and Exited. We read a book titled ‘Feeling’ and, we sang a song about feeling then we give the children mirror and different pictures that shows different emotions. They show as different facial expressions like Happy face, Sad face, Angry face, and Excited face. Even after the activity was over and we were sitting for snack outside we kept talking about happy face and all the other emotions and we all took time showing each other what different emotions are.

Small group  

Monday – Cooperative game 

Tuesday – Math 

Wednesday – Science  

Thursday – Language

Friday - Gymnastic


Special days

Art: Tuesday

Library: Wednesday


Work time

Our work time for this week and next week will be

Car and tracks center

Blocks center

Dramatic center 

Sand box

Ethiopian center

Maker space  




· Every Tuesdays, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate


· Every Wednesdays is our Library Day, so we will be sending a folder with a book

your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library



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