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Greeting Parents,

What a week in Little Einsteins! Our family day was so exciting and memorable for all of us! We would like to thank the family who participated in that wonderful day! The learning journey, the class visit was amazing, it shows how our little ones are creative and improving daily! Both the teachers and parents are proud of you all our little friends! Keep doing your best!

How was our Large Group?

Our large group was energetic and interesting as usual! We discussed about the family day!

“I came to family day with my mom and my big brother”

“On the family day, my dad and mom were so happy to see me dancing”.

“The dancing was very nice”

“My mom said good job when she sees me reading the sight words”.

“When we dance, all the families shouted and clap for us”.

Sight words

We all are working on our reading skill. One of the activities for reading is our sight words. The children can read more than 10 words and we are going to add more ten words for next week.

How about our Small Group?


In our literacy session, we kept working on our reading skills. The pre-k friends were finding and reading the digraphs ch, sh, th and ng in words written on the white word like ‘sh’ in the word ship, ‘ch’ in the word church, ‘th’ in the word bath and ‘ng’ in the word sing. The kindergarten friends started making sentences by putting flash cards that have words together such as, ‘She can play’, ‘I play’, ‘It is in the house’.


Every Tuesday we work on Mathematics, the topic addition comes to be our favorite activity. The children are obsessed with adding and telling the sum not only in the math class but also while they are having recess, free choice and so on.

“Look, I have two magnets and Kevin has six magnets together eight magnets”.

“I can add my fingers and toes 10 plus 10 equals 20”.

The kindergarten friends were practicing addition using cards while the pre-K friends practiced addition using bears by putting the plus and equal signs. It was an engaging Math activity!


The fifth football training was held with full of energy and happiness! Our little football players were devoted to score a goal as usual. We did a cheerful football match!


Art class took place in our Thursday small group and work time. We continued doing the collage work on a big canvas and completed it nicely! The other activity was drawing different shapes on a small canvas and painted the shapes differently. Our students did a cool small canvas painting!


The topic in our science class was about parts of plants. After discussing about the parts of plant, we decided to make a plant on a chart paper by sticking yarn as the root and put some soil on it. We did the root and planned to make the stem, the leaf and the flower in the next session.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Explorations schedule

· Monday - Literacy

· Tuesday Mathematics

· Wednesday –Football training sessions 6

· Thursday – Journal

· Friday Science


· Monday- Gymnastics

· Tuesday- Dance Training

· Wednesday- Clay crafts

· Thursday– Art

· Friday -Library


. Since we’re having Football training, we need to have the professional sport wear so Can you please send the kids with sport wear? Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

The pre-K and kindergarten team!


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