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Greeting parents ,

Welcome back to school!

We all are excited to have our little friends back to school. Our Christmas camp was fun-filled and wonderful time that let us explore different activities like cooking, gymnastics, science experimentation, Art and music. We hope you had a wonderful vacation too.

Our large group

Our first week of second semester was really exciting. Our friends were super excited to tell us all about their vacation.

Anecdotes from here and there

‘’I went to Dubai with my families and I shopped in Burj khalifa mall’

‘’I had good times with my uncle, ,mom and dad and with all my families’’

“my vacation was very nice. I went to Zambia and then my dad and mom gave me presents”

Yoga helps strengthening children’s growing bodies and helps them improve their flexibility, which can reduce their chance injury. Yoga teaches discipline and reduces impulsively. Yoga can reduce challenging behavior in the classroom by providing a physical outlet for the children to express themselves. We now started to have a Yoga time in our large group. Our friends enjoyed it and asked to have it every morning.

Our caterpillar has reached the 89th day of school. Everyone is so eager to celebrate the 100th day of school. We are listing ideas for the celebration.

Our small group


Since the zoo-phonics is the base for reading and writing, we started revising it on our first class. Each student took turn to sound out the phonics (A-Z) and told the story of the letters.

“This is A Ali alligator”

“This is fancy fish F and my name starts with F”

“I know this is Baba bear B”


we continued discussing about two digit numbers. The numbers, we explored were 10 to 60. We assigned the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40,50 and 60 as mother numbers and listed the numbers following them. For instance (10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19).

Music and movement

Our music and movement session was exciting. We were singing our favorite music like shake and move, open shut them, boom chacka boom, and I can do this. All friends were engaged by singing and dancing together.


Art is one of our favorite session. All of our friends are very happy to go to the art studio and do art. For this week, we continued discussing about community helpers and selected builder, painter and firefighter to make a story. First, we pretended to be a builder and built a house using different lose parts and recycled materials, then painted it by pretending to be a painter. Next week, we all made a story that the building will be on fire and then the firefighters will come and help us.

Social science

In our social science session, we were discussing about who our community helpers are like; a police, doctor, janitors ,cook and so on. We also discussed about the materials that community helpers need to have. We matched the things with the right community helpers.

'' A teacher needs books''

''A janitor needs broom and trash basket''

''A firefighter needs a lot of water''

''A doctor needs stethoscope''

Work time

A new center named maker space is open now! The maker space is the center where the kids explore science and the place which lets them create new innovative ideas. For this week, we visited the center and had a brief tour of the materials it has in it, and some sample projects. Our little friends were very excited and they were raising ideas and sharing different opinions.

Here are the ideas

“Let’s make a giant volcano”

“ Can we make a big airplane “

“I want to make computer here”

“Let’s make a giant car”

“Let’s make a machine that flies”

Exploration for next week


Tuesday –Mathematics

Wednesday-Music and Movement and obstacle course

Thursday-Science experimentations and Art

Friday-Social studies and Library

Thank you!

Have a wonderful week!


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