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Early Pre-K This Week

Dear parents,

Our class had a fun and a relaxing week. This time of the year is so special to most of our kids in class so we are focusing more in socializing with each other and having fun and engaging activities. 

Large group: In this week’s large group we had a conversation about the change that is going to happen to our class in January, and how some of our friends will be moving to a new class and we will have new friends coming to our class. For our morning massage the kids traced some shapes on the board e.g., ‘Circle, triangle, square, rectangle’, they also matched some zoo phonics.

Our class also celebrated on of our friend’s birthday today, everyone had fun singing the birthday song and eating the cake.  


Math: This week we worked on our counting skills using colored cubes and numbers’ flashcards 1-10. Moreover, we worked on our team working skill by decorating one big diamond and rectangle together using different materials such as glitter, colored paper and yarn. 

Cooperative game: Our game was all about improving teamwork and gross motor skill. The kids raced while each two of them had one foot tied to one of their mate’s feet. The first round was a bit hard for them they kept falling and standing back up, though the second round seemed more easier when they got the idea of walking in harmony!

Music: We practice copying and creating simple beats on the drum. We also used the shaker to follow some drum beats on the speaker.

Ethiopian center: Our class enjoys going into the Ethiopian center where they get to do different things. This week some of the friends were busy making and drinking coffee, the others were cooking Shiro and making Injera, and some were interested in playing some of the traditional music instruments. 

Literacy: This literacy class we got the chance to work on our fine motor skills by tracing the zoo phonics using playdough. Our class really enjoyed this activity.

Library: This week we had a very special library time. One of our friends’ mom came over and read us a story under the title “Goodnight Daniel Tiger”, the kids were so happy to hear the story and learn about Danial’s bed time, and we ended our session by eating the cookies that Noam brought for us!

Art: In today’s art class we made a Christmas Santa card. The kids had a lot of fun working on it and got to practice some of skills.


Gymnastic: Today’s gymnastic move was the ‘Hand stand’. Check out some of the pictures. 


Our Schedule for next Week

Monday- Ginger bread man craft

Tuesday- Christmas tree craft

Wednesday- Winter tree craft

Thursday- Christmas tree ornament project

Friday- Continue with the Christmas tree ornament project


Our specials

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Ethiopian center

Thursday- Library

Friday- Gymnastics

Reminders and notes

  • Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

  • Friday is Art class have your child wear suitable clothes.


Have a good weekend!


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