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Dear Parents,

This week our class kept on having more fun time! Our class was excited to do all the activities that are Christmas and weather related.  

Large group: The large group this week was special. Our class and the early pre-school and preschool class was combined together for large group. We sang some familiar songs e.g., ‘Good morning song, open shut them’, then we had the chance to count how many friends all together. Also, we counted the numbers of the boys and the girls and compared which one in more.

Our activities and projects for this week  

Ginger bread man: On Monday we worked on our counting skill and shapes identification through decorating a ginger bread man using different shapes as buttons. 

Christmas tree: On Tuesday we made a Christmas tree using paper plates. In the beginning each child painted a plate green, after that they stick the three parts on top of each other and decorated it using pom poms and glitter.

Winter tree: We talked about the different seasons and winter was one them

. In the beginning we talk about the change that happens to the trees in the winter and how the leaves fall of the tress, then we spoke about the snow that falls in some countries.

After that we all headed to the grass area to pick some small dry branches and stick them on a paper to form a winter tree, and added some snow using white paint.

Christmas tree ornaments project: We started this project by having a decision about paper recycling. Secondly, we worked on our fine motor skills by ripping the recycling paper into small pieces and soak them in a mix of water and glue. The following day each child created an ornament using the paper and glue water mix and put it in the sun to get dry.  

Library: This week story was under the title “I am not cute”. It’s about a baby owl who went out to explore in the woods and all animals he met thought he is cute and gave him a hug. Though he thought he is not cute, but after taking some time and thinking he said to himself “Yes I am cute!”.    

New year activity: We made a card for the new year 2024! The kids stamped the numbers using white paint then sparkled some glitter on top and for the final touch they splashed some white paint using paint brushes.  


Gymnastics: In Today’s gymnastic class we worked on our gross motor skills by jumping from one hula-hoop to another, also we rolled over. We ended our session by singing the freeze and dance song!


Our schedule for next week:

Monday- Christmas Card

Tuesday- Snow Man

Wednesday- Christmas tree

Thursday- Baking Cookies

Friday- Decorating The school tree using the ornaments from last week

Have a nice weekend!

Happy New Year!







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