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Early Pre School and Pre School

We had a wonderful and fun week at Early Pre School and Pre School.

We hope you had fun too.

Our Large Group

In our large group session, we sang our good morning song and our favourite songs and then we asked them how their morning was, what they had for breakfast, and all the children were waiting for their turn to tell us. Then on our message board we did attendance, exploring Days of the Week and reading different books. Our children were participating well.


In our music session by looking at the different types of musical instruments and seeing what kind of sounds they make, such as guitars, drums, shakers and xylophones. Children took turns playing whatever instrument they wanted.


We did counting in the Maths session this week. First, we explored with the numbers 1-10 their figurative shapes and what their name was. Then we gave some numbers to all the children. Next is to count the soft blocks and place it on the number as they are given. For example, if the number is 5, place 5 soft blocks on the number five. It was an activity that all the children did attentively and when they finished, they were taking another number and working on it.


Our Library  session they were telling us as they looked at the different books and the pictures inside. They were also seen gathering with their friends. Then they chose a book to take home.


Our Art session this week was fun and Christmassy! First, we gave them 5 pieces of cardboard cut into different sizes, and then we tell them to glue the three pieces together in a triangle using glue. We told them to stick the cardboard in the middle as a stand, and we told them to stick the star shape on top. Then we gave them green paint to paint the tree body and only the top star to be painted yellow. Finally, we add glitter to make it more beautiful and shiny. It was an activity that the kids really liked. We think you already have received the lovely gifts because they took it home.




We all made a medium size Christmas tree together, first we made a picture of a Christmas tree on white paper, then we took turns gluing different colored pieces of paper to each one individually and finally we put glitter on it. Then we put it in the sun to dry. We hang it on our classroom window as a decoration.

Ethiopian center

In our Ethiopian center this week the kids had a lot of fun. They enjoyed making coffee and drinking it, they also cooked different kinds of food together.



Our Schedule for Next Week

Monday- Gingerbread man craft

Tuesday- Christmas tree craft

Wednesday- Winter tree craft

Thursday- Christmas tree ornament project

Friday- Continue with the Christmas tree ornament project.

Have a nice weekend!!



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