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Dear parents,

The children had a wonderful week exploring different areas of the school with their friends.

What did we do this week?

This week for small group we had Cooperative Games, Literacy, Math, Science, and Library.

During our Math activity the children had fun time creating a measurement wall in our classroom. We started our activity by talking about who among the children in our group is the tallest and who is the shortest. When the children finished making their guesses, we gave the children an idea on how to see who is the tallest who is the shortest, the idea was they measure each other using tape. One by one, the children took turns measuring their friends as they stood against.

For our science activity we went out into our garden to follow up on the seeds we planted a few weeks ago. The children were happy to see a few leaves had sprouted, after that, we cleaned up the garden because we saw a few rocks in our garden area. Once we were done cleaning our garden area, we water our garden area.

During cooperative games we played a fun game called find that shape. We placed different shapes all over the floor, the shapes we used during our activity were square, circle, and triangle. After we placed the shapes on the floor, we asked them to jump on the shape their caregiver told them to jump on. After we were done with the activity the children collected similar shapes together.

What are we doing next week?

Monday - Cooperative Game

Tuesday - Literacy

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Math

Friday - Library

Have a nice weekend!

Early Preschool and Preschool


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