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Early Preschool and Preschool

Dear parents,

We had fun and an exciting week; the children were learning fun ways to share, build their social relations with others and busy practicing the traffic rules outside.

Our Large Group

We start our large group by singing the good morning song and other enjoyable songs like ‘Five Little Monkeys’, ‘Baba Black Sheep’ and ‘Baby Shark’ and we read a book called ‘Bob and Flo.

Story time. We collect some of the children’s favorite book to read as a group one of the book is called Bob and flo, while reading the books, we encourage the children to look at the pictures, and share their own ideas about what the story could be about.

Our Small Group

Cooperative game: the game is called ‘Passing Toys’. Here is how the game goes, we choose a toy and discuss about what we will do with the toy how to share it with our friends and practice it by passing the toy by saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ after they have it.

The children were really excited to share the toys with their friends, at the same time we let them to share things while playing other games in the playground.

Literacy: This week we kept exploring with our zoo phonics friends. We started revising the five letters A, B, C, D, E And the letter F. We talk about what their names are, what kind of sounds that they make and what kind of action they do as they make the sound.

Science: We explore about sense of sight by using different animal pictures. While we show them the pictures, we encourage the children to look at the pictures, imitate the animal’s sound and share their own ideas about the sound and the animal that they have chosen. The children did a great job making the sound of the animals.

Math: We explored counting numbers from 1-10; the activity is focused on counting numbers by using their fingers and then we let the children to explore materials that they need to count.

We are so happy to see that the children were very interested to count all sorts of materials.

At the end, we let them practice trace the numbers that comes next to a number on the board. The children did a great work learning how to count and practice tracing the next numbers.

Art: We had an amazing art project this week. We hope you all received a ‘New Year’ post card from your kids. We all were busy making it special. We also worked on another exciting project this week, it was leaving our creativity on our newly built bunny house, the children got their hands messy drawing and painting on the house making it cozy and warm for our bunnies.

Library: we started or library morning having with an exciting Ethiopian new year vibe! We sing ‘Abebayehosh’ (Ethiopian New Year song’), our older class came to our class to sign along the new year song, and it was exciting and fun! And after that we all were busy choosing books that we need to explore with for the next week. We also had some time to read together and explore alone with different books on our library day. We finally chose a book to take home and read with our family!

Upcoming week activates

Monday –Cooperative games

Tuesday –Literacy

Wednesday –Science

Thursday –Math

Friday –Library

Our Specials

Tuesday –Music

Wednesday –Art


· As it might be raining, please send the children with raincoats and boats

· On our art day try to send the children with art friendly clothing

· Every Fridays it’s our library day. so please don’t forget to return your child’s library folder.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

From Early Preschool and Preschool Team!


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