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Fun time with Infants and Toddlers

November 28, 2020

Hello dear parents, what a fun couple of weeks it has been. As the days go by our group has been growing since the school year began. We now have ten friends in our group and expecting more to come soon.

We would like to give a small picture of what our large group (circle time) and small group look like. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Large group times in our group are amazing; the children are always excited when we go to our room after we have some time playing outside by the bike area.

We start our large group by giving the children a couple of minutes to explore with the different areas we have set up around our room. Following that we clean up our toys, we sit in a circle and say hello to each other by singing our ‘Good Morning’ song. After that we sing different songs that the children enjoy, songs like If you are happy and you know it, The wheels on the bus and Elephants have wrinkles just to name a few. When we are done singing songs sometimes one child gets to choose a book from our shelf that we can read as a group, when we are done with singing songs and reading we clean up, put on our shoes we head outside or change rooms for our small group activity.

For small group explorations our group divides into two. Infants have activities with Hannah, Worke and Gelila and Toddlers have activities with Eyassu and Yobdar.

During small group exploration, our class divides into two. Infants will work with Hannah, Worke and Gelila and the Toddlers will work with Eyassu and Yobdar.

For small group this week and the previous we had different sets of activities that all of us enjoyed. The activities we had were Music, Art, Spider web, Washing toys, and Cooperative games.

For Cooperative games we played two different games. The first game we played was a sharing game called ‘Can you pass the ball to your friend’, and the second game we played was bowling. We had a wonderful time playing both games but they enjoyed playing the sharing game. We sat in a circle then we gave everyone sitting including nannies a plate, then one caregiver put a small ball on the plate then passed on to the plate of a child sitting next to them then the child passed it to a friend and so on.

Spider web was a lot of fun as well. For this activity we prepared a basket full of different toys like plastic blocks, balls, small cups, forks and spoons so that the children can take them out and explore with them. But the trick was that a web like structure made of yarns covered the toys. The children were excited when they took the toys out one by one. This activity helps them with their fine motor and eye to hand coordination.

We started our first Art class by making collages. Soon we will start to do a lot of paint related and messy activities.

Our activities for the next two weeks

Tuesday-Wash the Toys

Wednesday-Cooperative game

Thursday-Sensory box

Our work time centres are Blocks and Cars, Light box, Sand box and Dramatic.


· The days that we are going to have our special classes are, music and movement every Monday and Art every Friday. So please send the children with extra clothes or art appropriate clothes.

· As it might be really sunny try to send some hats and sunscreen too.

Have a nice weekend

Infants and Toddlers team


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