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Fun week with Early Preschool

Friday 29th April 2021

Dear parents,

Excited to give you an update on Early Preschoolers learning journey on our second week's blog.

This week’s large group

Driven by our last week’s self inspiration of counting the letters we fished, practicing counting numbers through different materials was our main focus. Some of our geniuses can count beyond five, some recognized some of the numbers and matched them with the equal amount of objects.

Exploring through different books was also part of our large group activity. Some of us incredibly remembered the characters we got to know in our previous book time. Reading the book about colours was another activity, where it helps us to stimulate our colour knowledge.

This week’s small group


Cooperative game/ Music and movement: As we all know games energize our body and mind; thus we decided to workout on obstacle course, where we tend to crawl under the rows of hula-hoops tagged in between matresses. Since it was a rainny day, we had it indoor; but was an awsome moment, where we exibhit our childhood. We were so eager of getting more and more turns and couldn’t get enough of it.


Literacy: Observing our group’s interest on letters; this week, we kept going through the letters and had our first experience introducing zoo phonics while stamping them on a playdough. As the kids pick and stamp a letter, we mention the zoo phonics friend sounding it’s sound.



Week one: Since we have all become friendly with counting numbers, we agreed to start knowing number recognition and started off with number 1. First we looked to the display of numeral ‘1’ and used our body to symbolize number one as a standing straight stick. Then each one of us had a turn to look around for a one thing inside our classroom and put it next to the displayed numeral ‘1 ’.


Art: In our Art session we had fun with spaghetti painting. We did both individual as well as group painting. At first each one of us dipped a spaghetti into a paint and drew a track on paper. Later we dipped bunch of spaghetti into different colours, then stuck them on a canvas and end up with a marvellous Art piece.

This week in picture...

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game/ Music and movement

Work time: Library

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Math

Thursday Special day: Art

Friday: Science

Quick Reminder

· Please send your child with Art friendly/old clothes on Thursdays.

· School is closed both on April 30th , 2021 as well as March 3rd, 2021 for the Ethiopian Easter.

Thank you,

Have a joyful holidays

Adiam and Martha


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