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Fun Week with Pre-k and KG

Greeting parents,

We hope you received some of the Artworks your child wanted to sell for you at a good price, the Art Auction spirit has not left our group's heart yet, and now they are partnering up by drawing on paper in pairs. Nati said he is collecting all the artworks he made for our next Art Auction.

Large group this week

The school year is almost coming to an end. It is our tradition to think of some fun activities to do on the last day of school, we have been putting the idea on the table and our groups have been throwing some fun ideas.

The coming March 31, 2021 is our 100th day of school since Christmas break. We are planning to celebrate it by drawing out hearts out and having water fun.

Small group this week

Back to Zoo-phonics: this week for literacy, we bring back old friends and tried to remember their names. Our groups know how to keep an old friend happy by recalling who they were. We first show them the letters and asked if their name or any of their families' name starts with the letter. They also tried to show their friends the actions of the letter.

Gymnastic: inspired by Spiderman and monkeys, our group jumps off everything they see. It has been a while since they made jumping part of every play! Therefore we made a plan to do some gymnastic activities that involve jumping, rolling, and flipping. We set up mats outside and after listening to the instructions and how to do them from gymnast Elsa; they had an amazing time doing all the instructions better than Elsa!

Composite place: our groups take our composite seriously and never forget to add more peels to our collections. This week after revising our project about decompositions, they raised some good questions like when the composite will be ready and how the new peels we put in our containers look “Fresh” than the old ones, after having a conversation on the questions, we went outside and choose a place to pile up our peels on a ground.

Scale: we continue last week’s session about weight and this time we used scales to support our topic more. We refresh the session by talking about was the heaviest and lightest person in our group; we also compare a feather and a book and asked them which one will fail on the ground first. Victor raised his hand and said, “ The book will fall first because it don’t have wing like the feather.”

We then processed exploring the materials we have, scale, and small metals with numbers on them. Both groups measured by putting different numbers on each side of the scale and see, which is, heave and light. We also discuss about balance, they get to witness what balance is by putting the same amount of numbers on the scale and see the result.

Pictures this week.


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