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Goopy Slimy!

Greetings Dear Parents!

We would like to thank you all for coming and taking part on our special day, Art Auction! We hope you enjoyed your time!


We are planning to have fun days for the remaining two weeks of school. here are the days we would like to celebrate with you and our students.

June 5: T-shirt Backward Day (Let your child wear a t-shirt but wear it backwards (the other way around.)

June 7: Water Day (Hoping for a sunny day we will have a water fun with all our children scheduled in different times of the daily routine, please make sure your child has an extra cloth that day.)

June 8: Teachers’ Appreciation Day (A Day to say thank you to your child’s teachers and staff of LE)

June 12: Two Different Shoe Day (Let your child choose two different shoes and wear them for that day.)

June 13: School Theme T-shirt Day (White, Red, and Blue, these three colors are our school’s theme colors so help your child choose one and let them wear a color of their choose from the three.)

June 14: Pajamas Day (Our children can come to school wearing their pajamas.)

June 15: Book Day (Open for parents from 8:30am – 12pm! The whole morning schedule will be mainly focus on exploring with and reading books, different reading areas will be prepared in different corners of the school compound, please feel free to come when you can and read a book with your child and class in addition you can bring your child’s favorite books to share.)

June 16: School Closing Day (Open for parents beginning 10:30) The Last day of school will be bittersweet for all of us. We are still planning for this special day so stay tuned for more updates!

Large Group

Well, almost 2 weeks left till end of this school year, we have been talking about what we will be doing on our break time. Some of our friends told us they will be leaving for vacation with their families. We are trying to make the best out of the remaining days. We are asking what activity they want to have, to make it all fun and memorable. On our message board, we had the number 13, and thirteen square magnets stick on the board. Weather, attendance, days of the week, had also been part of our board.

Small Group

Music, Counting, Zoo phonics,

Music is a fun way of developing children's physical growth, confidence, social and communication skills. We went through our favorite songs of the year and played some of them and danced along just for a couple of minutes.

This week for counting, we collected different materials we could find in the school compound. Some of them were plastic spoons, yogurt cups, use and throw cups, buttons, and beads. We let them choose what they want to work with.

Zoo phonics was part of our small group this week, we prepared a playdough for

them to trace the letters. They started asking for the letter they want by calling

their names, Mitsuki said "I want Pewwe Penguin, and deedee deer", and the rest of the class continued asking for their favorites.

Goop Experiment, One Messy activity!! Well, we used Corn flour, water, tub, food

color and we put on our art smack. We first started feeling the corn flour alone

then started mixing it with water adding a small amount, they were so amazed with

the change they were experiencing, “It is becoming slimy and sticky,” said Noam.

We then started adding a food color they choose blue and red, and our friend Leul

said “Blue and Red is Purple” we were so immersed in it and enjoyed our time well.

After we finished, we recalled what we did. Above all the food color left a stain on

their hand and they started showing of their hands and began to tell, “Look my

hand is blue, and yours is red” to one another.

Have A Lovely Weekend!!


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