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Happy Ethiopian New Year!!

Hello Dear Parents,

We hope you had a nice week just as we did. we would also love to wish you a happy Ethiopian new year for those who celebrates

Friendly Reminder:

We would like to Invite dear parents and whole LE family to come and join us in the celebration of Demeralots of fun. Please help us celebrate by wearing your traditional Ethiopian Attire, it is optional though!

  • If your child attends half day class schedules, we would like to kindly ask you to join us in the a also known as Meskel, in our school compound, Tuesday September 26th starting from 1 PM. We will have Ethiopian Coffee ceremony, Demera, Snacks, performances and fternoon celebration session

  • September 27 Wednesday, will be closed for the celebration of Maulid Holiday!

  • September 28, Thursday, will be close for the celebration of Meskel Holiday!

In our large group

Our large group was fun and enjoyable. First we sat down for circle time which makes the students calm and they all sat on their pillows. After that we sang good morning song, Elephants have wrinkles, head shoulder knees and toes. Then we worked on our attendance after that we count how many friends are here and how many friends are not here. We also read a book titled Eye, ear, nose and toes.

In the Previous week, we started our Monday by making adey abeba post card and while doing that they were all engaged and happy and we also sang the song "Abebayehoash", it was amazing to hear them respond by saying "lemlem"

Music On music class the kids are always engaged and happy. The children choose their favorite songs and tried to sing and dance .While dancing the children tried to follow the direction of the song like freezing and jumping at some point they were dancing all around the classrooms.

Literacy For literacy activity, we did body parts by reading a book about it and singing a song for it, after that we started doing our activity which was finding body parts in a box, they were so engaged and excited about it, they were also calling out their body parts while matching it.

Art Our art activity was making our face and all the features on our face. First we had a discussion about body part and we sang body parts songs like "one two" after that we started to stick the body parts on the paper. It was amazing we all enjoyed it.

Science For our science lesson we were exploring on our senses, for the lat two weeks we worked on our listening. we brought our iPods and speakers and played different animals' sounds, for example frog, dog, cat, horse, duck, and pig. The kids were excited to hear the sound of different animals they were able to identify and recognize familiar sounds, they also matched the animal pictures with the sounds, like when they hear the sound of a dog, they would pick the dog picture and show it to their friends and teachers. They were engaged and active!

Maths We had an interesting activity, we used different colorful materials like blocks, papers, leads, pompoms and ice cream spoons, then the kids started sorting and matching. We used the colors, Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Next week we will add the color Purple and Pink!

Next week plan.

Monday - yoga

Tuesday - Literacy

Wednesday - school will be closed for the celebration of Maulid Holiday

Thursday - school will be closed for the celebration of Meskel Holiday.

Friday- Maths


Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Library


  • on your child library day please don't forget to return the library folder

  • As the weather is still tricky, send your child with, rain jacket, umbrella, and boots, as it gets sunny during recess time please send them a hat and a sunscreen

Have a Nice Weekend!

Infant and Toddlers Team


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