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Infant and Toddlers This Two Weeks

Dear parents this two weeks we had fun filled and exploring activities.

Large group

Our large group was amazing and fun .We sang a Good morning song as always and we add one song Miss poli has a dolly after that we did attendance on our message board. We read a book with a title "At the park" they all loved the book.

Music and movement

On music session we had music and movement .The kids enjoyed to move and dance to the songs. We gave them a chance to choose the song turn by turn. They enjoyed.


Our gymnastic session we do Bridge .We did some warming up activities before we started the main activities.  They were creating arched shape and balancing their body .They were so excited to work with the gymnastic ball.


Our literary session we explored with playdough. Before we started we put mat then we introduced what they are going to do . The kids were doing great with it .


On our art session we did Collage with rice .Before we started the activities we put art smack then we introduced the activity, then we give a paper that has different shapes so they can choose the one they like, after that they put glue on it and made a collage with the rice.



Our science, we continued exploring with shaving cream by adding paintings. We put art smack before we started the activities then we put shaving cream on the light box and we let them to choose which color of painting they want, we mixed shaving cream with painting. The kids were exploring and enjoyed at the same time, they were also saying "more ".


For our Library session, we had the chance to explore some book and then read a book together. Also, everyone chose a book to take home. Our children were very interested and happy to choose a book, and started to read books.


The kids were interested in shapes so we continued on matching shapes on math session. We revised the shapes then they started matching it.

Next Week Plan

  • Monday Painting Christmas tree

  • Tuesday Decorate the Christmas tree

  • Wednesday Making snowman

  • Thursday Baking cookies

  • Friday Making the Christmas socks




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