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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

The past two weeks were wonderful! We had lots of fun and exciting activities that the children enjoyed. This week we have welcomed a new friend to our infants and toddler’s family and his name is Vilfred.

On another note, we would like to invite you and your family to our school on Saturday, 27th of March for our second family day of the year. Hope to see you then!

We had an exciting time for small group the past two weeks. The activities we had were shape hunting, water fun, obstacle course, music, and art.

For shape hunting we went outside to the garden at the back of the school. The materials we prepared for the activity were small shapes (circle, triangle and square) and a big box with bigger representation of the shapes.

Before we start the activity, we hid the small shapes all around the back garden while the children were in their large group room. While the shapes were being hid, we talked about the shapes we are going to look for when we go outside and match with their bigger representations. When we went outside to the garden the children were energetic, running around the garden gathering the shapes they could find and matching with the shapes.

Another activity we had that the children enjoyed was Water Fun. For this activity we went out on to the black top (playground) to wash our bikes.

When we went to the playground after we had finished our large group, the children got excited when they saw the water in a small tub. And could not wait to change into their art smocks. After they changed into art smocks, they picked sponges socked with soap and started to scrub the bikes. After a scrubbing, the bikes for a little while the children started to rinse them with clean water, but while rinsing the children wanted to cool off so some of the decided to sit in the tubs.

For obstacle courses we challenged the children by preparing a series of tasks. The first thing they had to do was run zigzag through four chairs following that had to crawl through a red tunnel and finally they jump in and out of three hoola-hops.

Activities for the next week

Monday- Music and Movement

Tuesday – Exploring with Size (big and small)

Wednesday- Gardening

Thursday- Cooperative Games

Friday- Art


· Please send the children with their library folders on their respective library days, Toddlers on Monday and Infants on Thursday.

· We will be having messy activities next week, so please send the children with art friendly clothing.

Have a nice weekend!


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