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Kindergarten Weekly Blog!!!

Dear Parents,

Hello, how was your week? Ours was nice! The kids were showing their appreciation and giving us different kinds of gifts, which we are so grateful for. We had lots of fun while learning.


Large group

For our large group session, we started by singing the good morning song. Yellow was our color for this week as well as the pyramid was our shape for the whole week. Participating in the circle time calendar activity strengthened our time management skills, and sharing about our days allowed us to connect with one another. It was a week filled with learning, being respectful, creativity, and friendship.



For our journal session this week, as usual the kids were getting creative and expressing their ideas in a way that is amazing , it was nice to see how they were enjoying while putting their ideas and creativity on papers.

-      “Do dinosaurs like colors”  Matteo

-      “Yellow and black road” Andre

-      “Make it Black and White road” Frankie

-      “My drawing good?” Haon



Our football session was fun and full of team works and helping each other by passing the ball to their friends and letting their fiends score, the goal keepers were doing a really good job to not let the goal be scored, this activity helped them develop a sense of team spirit and team work, since football is all about teamwork and we are really proud of the kids for helping each other out, communicating well on the pitch.

-      “Did I just hit the ball far?” Matteo

-      “Me Messi 20 Frankie Messi 10.” Haon

-      “Am the blue team?” Andre

-      “I am playing today.” Frankie



For our science session this week we did what gets our kids engaged, which is rocket. They were excited and were all focused on the activity. We did a ‘Balloon Rocket.’ We used a yarn, straw, balloon and tape to do this activity and they were waiting for their turns to make their rocket fly and we had an amazing science activity session full of fun and learning.

-      “Is the rocket going to fly?” Andre

-      “I love this idea.” Matteo

-      “I want the blue balloon.” Frankie

-      “Wow, my rocket fly!!!” Haon


This week for our Art session we did Christmas tree, since Christmas is around the corner we had a Christmas themed artwork and all our kids were happy to do the activity, they painted the tree nicely and some of our kids were also getting creative by mixing up colors and trying them out on their papers.

-      “Look at the tree behind Andre.” Frankie

-      “Can I mix these colors to see what they look like?”  Matteo

-      “Me finish snake give me yellow.” Haon

-      “You love my christmas tree?” Andre

-      “Christmas tree” Maal

-      “Green” Eero

Our plan for next week is as follows: -

Large group

Songs: -Good morning songs

Circle time calendar



Small group

Monday: - Literacy

Tuesday: - Math

Wednesday: - Journal

Thursday: - Science

Friday: - Co-operative game / Music


-  Every Wednesday is our library day, so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

-  Every Wednesday we have Football, so please send your child with football appropriate clothing.

-  Every Thursday is our art day so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Thank you for your time!

Have a blast weekend!!!



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