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Learning at the Early Preschool

Tuesday 8th June 2021

Dear parents,

It is hard to believe that it has been hundred days since we start our second semester, but at the same time it is sad to know that we are two weeks away from our Goodbyes but we know deep down, it would not be the last time as we have summer camp and have a great hope that we will meet again on the next school year.

Large group

We have been exploring through different learning areas according our lesson schedule.


Music and Library: In the morning we went to the Library and read different books of our choice. At work time we had fun dancing with the Freeze song.


The 100s Day: For it was our 100s day since we have started our second semester, we have discussed how to celebrate it and agreed to prepare postcards for our parents. During our discussion, Thulani wished to bake a cake. Archer said, “I want to draw a Dinosaur to mummy and daddy” Yazeed followed, “ball!”Makeda wanted to decorate her postcard with snowflakes. After we shared our ideas, we started working on our postcards and each one of us drew, scribbled our wishes. Some of us traced numbers and letters. Siifen traced her hand. After finishing scribbling our wishes we started decorating the outside part of our postcards with collages and used: shredded colourful papers, beads, buttons, snowflakes. We were all focused and end up with amazing beautiful postcards. Later we played Football.


Math: After we recall the amount of snacks we fed to our Caterpillar, we have read the numbers all together starting from number one till five with the help our fingers. Then the teacher introduced number six as a number on a scooter. Soon after we started representing it with our fingers as we count sequentially. We’ve also sorted number six out of different numbers and traced it to understand its shape.


Art: As you know we had an experiment on a Volcano in our previous science session. Thinking to express our observation in Art, we have crafted a volcano with collages of shredded papers.


Science: We have experimented on things that float or sink. At first we have collected different natural and man made things from our school’s compound and challenged ourselves experimenting with a box filled with water.

Pictures of the Week

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game/ Music and movement

Work time: Library

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Math

Thursday: Art

Friday: Science

Thank you,

Have a nice weekend

Adiam and Martha


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