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Our Festive Week in Pre K!

Dear parents, 

We are so thrilled to share our highlights from a very special week! This past

Tuesday, our kids celebrated a whopping one hundred days of school. Of course,

we had to celebrate, and celebrate we did! There were cookies, T-shirt painting,

tie making and much more. Besides that, we continued with our activities from

the previous week and worked on our ongoing projects. It has been an exciting

yet productive time here in Pre-K!

Large group

Our large group was a great success! We worked together on our reading skills

via our beginning and ending sounds on the board, sang songs, danced, counted

the Caterpillar, and discussed our days. This week was special because we had

the lead up to 100 days (we finally hit triple digits on our Caterpillar!), the 100

day celebration itself, and our subsequent reflections and debriefing in the

following days. We are so proud to see how our kids have been learning and

progressing and can’t wait to continue all the great times!

Music and Movement

This week, we kicked off our activities with a bang in music and movement! As

always, the kids love the chance to show us their best moves. This week, we

focused on dancing and not doing the circle elimination game we sometimes do.

We have been learning some new choreography, including a classic- the

Macarena! The kids are doing amazing with recalling movements, timing, and



This week in math, we continued to expand upon the concept of addition. First,

we all briefly discussed numbers and their significance in our lives. Kids were

asked to share examples from their everyday routines where they can see

examples of numbers or addition. After that, we wanted to take the theoretical

knowledge they shared and apply it in a tangible way. So we did an activity

where 2 students would come up, and receive either wood blocks or plastic

markers (depending on their comfort with higher numbers) with different

values. The kids then count their own stack of materials, and keep that number

in mind. Then, we combine either the blocks or markers from both kids and see

what the total is by counting out loud. This was a great way for them to visualize

addition, and they were very engaged with it! 


Our science activity this week was very fun. Last week, our kids made their own

gardens with grass, sun, the sky, and clouds. This week we wanted to take that a

step further, so we printed out various vegetables such as carrots, beans (which

they have experience planting) and lettuce, animals like butterflies and bunnies,

and soil. The kids had a chance to customize their own garden once again, and

loved it. Their compositions were very inventive, and they shared some

wonderful insights as the activity progressed! We look forward to seeing how all

their new ideas about food and gardening will inform future projects. 


This week in art, the kids got busy! In our first art session, which was in the

afternoon, we connected it to their work in clay work time. In the following

session, they applied their ideas tangibly. The kids brainstormed ideas of what

they might want to make, went around sharing their ideas to the class, and set

out to sketch these ideas. As usual, the ideas ranged far and wide- airplanes,

unicorns, portraits, cookies- you name it! Our kids had a lot of fun making their

ideas come to life and blew us away with their creativity and artistic


Our activities for next week will be:

Monday- Cooperative Game 

Tuesday- Literacy (zoophonics)

Wednesday- Math

Thursday- Innovation Center

Friday- Science

Our Specials

Tuesday- Ethiopian Center 

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday- Library

Friday- Art


- Please don’t forget to send your child with a hat and sunscreen as it gets

sunny after snack!

-We are still collecting recycled material for our innovation center, so if

you can spare any, we would greatly appreciate it!

-On Thursdays, please return their Library Folder.

-On Art days, please make sure to send your child with art appropriate


Have a wonderful weekend!

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