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Pre-k and KG's Week

Greeting parents,

Even though the week seems very cold with the rain pouring down, the children made our time as warm as a sunny day. Rain and children have a strong connection, as it was hard to convince them to stay in the shade during recess, they would walk very slowly so they can get rained on!

Small group this week

Journal: we have observed our group developed their drawing skills from scribbling to adding more details. Their imagination and the way they interpret their surroundings is very interesting to see. Before we let them draw, we come up with some stories of our own and draw it on the board, we think we need to work on our drawing skills as we had some pretty funny comments about it! Here are some of the stories they shared with us,

Zeno: “This is me and car station. My mommy and daddy come to car station and we go!”

Yamlak: “This is the king house and he have a butterfly, he also have a car and the door is for the car to go in.”

Yanet: “I made a unicorn and this is mommy and daddy, they are going home on the unicorn!”

Emily: “I made a big Earth and the rainbow was moving.”

Alia: “ This is mommy in the hospital to give birth. This one is a soldier looking for a golden flower. And this is one is crocodile trying to eat the witch but he did not have a teeth!”

Finnegan: “That one is Alia and Emily and everyone at the school is coming to my house to have a tea party!”

Eliab: “Do you know everybody, it’s a coffee house!"

Nati: “It’s a robot house and the robots are going somewhere, the robots have a robot baby!”

Victor: “This Ironman and he have two yellow faces and he is going up to the top!”

Music: since it has been a rainy week, we warm up our cooperative game with Music and Movement. They all got to choose their favorite songs, which most of it was a moving song.

Decomposition: we continued our session about the decomposition of fruits and vegetables. This time we talked about the peel of fruits and how we can make a composite. During snack time, everyone gathered different fruit peels for our project.

Reminder for parents: based on the above information, we would like to ask if it is possible to send your child without peeling the fruits you planning to send them with. Thank you.

Card making: the hardest part of being a teacher is saying goodbye to their students. We always feel very attached to them and always make it hard for us to send our students without feeling emotional. This week we had to say goodbye to Alia as it was her last day at Little Einsteins. The children were sad but made her day by throwing a little card-making party! She also made not one card but ten for her friends. It was so beautiful to see each of them getting hugs from her. Thank you Alia! We wish you all the best!

Pictures this week.


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