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Pre-k and KG Weekly Insight.

Greeting Parents,

We hope you had a good and fun week, we sure did! Most of our groups spend their time collecting “Dinosaur eggs” to support our shrunk dinosaur, how thoughtful is that! The sound wall was one of the fun outside activities they have enjoyed with, they come up with an idea of using it as a shop to sell all the school playing materials!

Large groups this week

Books for children are not only for enjoyment but to expand their imagination, vocabulary, communication and language development, geography and so many more advantages. When children are exposed to new materials, there curiously will grow to know more and explore. Ever since our groups started bringing books from their home, they have been gathering different fun information and have been developing the above skills. The fun book we explored with, ‘The Ugly Fives’ ‘Incredible Buried Treasures’ and ‘The Cookie Fiasco’, brought by, Alia, Yamlak, and Finnegan, touched different learning areas.

In the first book, we have tried to learn that being who we are is something we all should be proud of, and being ourselves is the key to happiness.

In the second book we started with the meaning of the words, Incredible, Buried, Treasure, Ancient, Pharaohs and Archeology. We have explored the ancient Egyptians and their treasures, the concept of money and how they use gold as money and so more.

The third book was super fun in that they kept asking us to read to them every day. The book is about four friends that had three cookies to share but have trouble dividing the cookie equally. It basically teaches children the concept of division in a very fun way.

Some Anecdotes while reading the books

Emily: “I don’t think they are ugly, the Hyena is my favorite!”

Victor: “I ask my mom if I can dig our house to find a bone but she said NO.”

Alia: “I think the Hippo is tricking his friends, he will eat all the cookies for himself.”

Therefore dear parents, we would like to say thank you for making our book reading time super fun. Keep up the good work and keep the books coming!

Small group this week

Writing and spelling: this week for literacy, the kindergartens continued practicing writing. This time they had two tasks to complete, the first task was reading a sentence and the second task was writing the sentence on a writing strip. Their reading skill has gotten better every time, we are still working reading more on sight words.

The pre-k’s explored with spelling; we had CVC flashcards with small zoo-phonics. What we did was, we first explore with the beginning, middle, and ending sounds of the CVC words on the flashcard, then every one of them picks the right letter to spell the word on a paper. It was such a good experience for them.

Assignment for KG parents: every Friday we send a small book that can help them read. Please help them read it as they will be reading for their friends when they return it.

Assignment for Pre-k parents: since they really enjoy spelling CVC words by sticking letters on the paper, it would be really fun if they could get a chance to do it with their parents over the weekend.

Balancing water Balloons: water and balloons are our group's favorite things to play with and when you put water in the balloon well that is another story! This week they had the chance to play their favorite game, we chose our yellow zone line as a balancing beam to walk on it. At first, they tested their balancing skill by walking straight on the yellow line, everyone passed alright! The next step was walking on the line by holding a water balloon in both hands. No tricking our groups, they also walked the line easily. The last step was popping the water balloon and that’s where the fun ended.

The Gardeners: we had a conversation about what to plant in our garden during our large group on Tuesday. We had two options, which were flowers or seeds of cabbage and lettuce, and the parliament inaugurated cabbage and lettuce with a majority voice! On the next day we went directly to work with our school guard help, by digging the ground we plan to work on. We divided the ground for the cabbage and lettuce; they used their time to put the tiny seeds on the ground carefully.

Shape makers: we have been exploring shapes for quite some time now, and this week, we explored how we can make different shapes using beads, buttons, and popsicle sticks. They all have tried to remember what they have explored in the last sessions and made different 2D shapes. They made triangles, diamond, square, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, and circle.

Pictures in this Week!


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