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Pre-k and Kindergarten News and Note.

Greeting Parents,

We always have a fun conversation with the children during drop off time in the morning; this week was one of those fun times were Eyassu and Victor had a conversation on how little Victor was when he joins Eyassus group. Victor then said, “Yes, I remember, I was very small like a bacteria!”

Large group this week

There are many things that our groups do in large group time; we have board questions, calendar corner, caterpillar (which we have started in our second semester, it is about counting the days we will be staying in school for the entire second semester), reading books, meet the Vowels corner and so on. We always try to manage our time by doing two or three things per day. We can say they are getting better in each corner, and it is excellent to see that progress.

Monday: since we had a small number of friends from both the groups, we changed the plan we had for kindergarten, which was an introduction to writing, and engaged ourselves with a middle sound worksheet. The Pre-k sticks with their plan, which was about ending sounds with flashcards.

Wednesday: the family topic has continued this week too. We had a lot of fun talking about our Uncles and Aunts, some confused Aunt with Ants, which made pretty much everyone laugh. We want to take this opportunity to thank some parents for helping your child understand what Aunts and Uncles are; we still need to do more on this topic furthermore.

Thursday: the kindergartens had many exposures about addition this week in our large group morning session and the small group afternoon session. It becomes very easy for them; we noted that it would be a good opportunity for them to proceed to the next operation, which is Subtraction, in the coming week. The pre-k explored how to make AB and ABC patterns. We also want them to continue making different patterns during large group.

Anecdotes of this week

During work time in the dramatic center, Victor had a tiger costume on, and one of his friends lost a toy, and he helped her find it and gave it to her, his teacher said,

“That’s very sweet of you Victor, good job.“ And Victor replied, “Yes, I am sweet, very sweet tiger!”

During work time in Ethiopia center, we were having a conversation about what we could make, and Alia raised her hand and said, “Let's make food,” and her teacher asked, “Do you know any Ethiopian food?” and she said “Yes, can we make them now? I am starving!

Next weeks plan

Monday: literacy---- Kindergartens, introduction to writing and

Pre-k, matching Cards with their beginning sounds

Tuesday: cooperative Games---- water fun.

Wednesday: Science---- Family project, we will be exploring about, Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents.

Thursday: Math----- Kindergarten, Addition worksheet

Pre-k, Pattern

Friday: library---- continue making the books.


  • Every Friday, we will be sending out books; please help them by reading the books so they can share what the story about.

  • Wednesday is our Art day; please make sure to send your child with old clothes, as we will be exploring with paints.

  • Since the weather is getting hot, especially during the afternoon, make sure to send them with sunscreen and extra clothes.

The Pattern Makers.

Addition solvers.


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