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Pre-k and Kindergarten weekly News and Note.

Greeting Parents,

Journal Monday: we started our journal journey this week with a very small amount of friends in the class, all four of them! They missed their friends, and when we asked them if they wanted to share what they have drawn, they gave us a “Not Today” look. They promised us they would do share next time! It is an important part of literacy where they develop their communication, vocabulary, creativity, fine motor, listening, and confidence. We will be doing Journals every other week.

Obstacle course Tuesday: Our groups are so energetic and fearless that if we asked them to jump from Mount Everest, they would do it without holding their breath! This week's cooperative game was an obstacle course; it was so much fun. We had five obstacle course for them to pass, the first step is, crawling on a mat, go through a circular tent (pretending to be a cave!), jump five Hula-hoops, climb the mountain (Everest!), and the final step is to slide down on the slide. It was so much fun that Elsa got in line with the children to play! The game will help them both with their fine and motor skills as they used their whole body to finish the courses.

Family Wednesday: We are making our session about family into a project to make a big family tree in our classroom. Most of our group friends understand what a family is, who they are, how many people live with them; they also know if they are firstborn or second. This week was very interesting to see as they made a story of their family using counting bears; we will be sending videos of your child via email. It would be more helpful to help your child with sending a picture of their grandparents, aunts, and uncles for our next session. We thank you!

Add Thursday: Most of our groups are interested in collecting sticks from the ground when they play by the grass area. They will put it on their cubby and add more to see how much they collected before cleaning uptime. We related this concept to Addition and introduced them to what Addition is this week. We began by exploring the signs + and =, how we can read them on our large group board. The kindergartens made a story of adding the different counting animals; they also used the sign + and = to support their story. The Pre-k held on to the concept of addition and explored with matching counting bears to a number.

Special request to parents!

Dear parents, our groups have been asking us if we could have water fun this week, we explained to them that we have to ask your permission first. Starting from Tuesday, they kept asking us if we asked you already. Therefore, this is us asking for your approval if it is ok for your child to have water fun this coming Tuesday for our cooperative game? If yes, please make sure your child has extra cloth, underwear, and socks. Please let us know through our WhatsApp chat group.

Next weeks plan

Monday: literacy---- Kindergartens, introduction to writing and

Pre-k, Ending sounds with flashcards.

Tuesday: cooperative Games---- water fun.

Wednesday: Science---- Family project, we will be exploring about, Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents.

Thursday: Math----- Kindergarten, Addition worksheet

Pre-k, Pattern

Friday: library---- Making the book, they have gathered enough to make the book now!

Pictures of this week.

The Jumpers!

The Cavers!

The Crawlers!

The Math-Magicians!


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