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Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful week with our children. Warmest wishes for a happy holiday for those who are celebrating Christmas!

Large group

We had a wonderful time during our large group. Our kids had fun playing with their free choice materials such as the Bristol blocks, counting materials, connecting cubes and so on. We then sang our morning song and they shared what they did on their weekend. We also did our circle time center such as the calendar, counting, and reading the color and letter of the week.  

Small group

Music and movement

We danced to fun songs such as ‘The Floor is Lava’, 'Choo Choo Wa', ‘Freeze’ and other fun songs. Our kids were learning to follow the beat and do actions with the songs. Our kids were so active and engaged to do the movements. It was so wonderful to see our kids have fun and dance!


Journaling is a great way for our children to observe, learn and reflect on what they did and what they feel about their surrounding such as their home or school. We got to see our kids draw their family members such as their mom and dad and share their thoughts. Our journal session was relaxing and enjoyable.

Christmas activity

For a Christmas themed activity our kids were cutting out printed snowflakes. This activity helps children to concentrate better and develop their fine motor skills. After cutting the snowflakes, our kids chose different kinds of glitter colors and applied it with a glue. They made the snowflakes so sparkly and shiny!


On Gymnastics our kids did balancing on a gymnastic ball and doing front flips on a mini bar. This exercise helps our kids to be more flexible, coordinated and stronger. Our children were very active and enjoyed the activities.

Crafts activity

On Thursday’s small group our kids  made a Christmas tree using green paper, scissors, glue and other materials for decoration. Our kids were cutting the sides of the papers to make it look like the tree's leaves and used a red small paper for the tree’s base or stand. Our kids loved making the Christmas tree and enjoyed the whole process such as the cutting, sticking and decorating. We loved watching them transform a normal green paper to a beautiful Christmas tree.

Our activities for next week will be:


Monday – Snowman craft

Tuesday – Christmas tree craft

Wednesday – making Snow globe

Thursday- Snow dough craft

Friday – Snowman eggs


Our Specials


Tuesday – Ethiopian center

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday - Library




  • As it gets sunny, please send the children with a hat and sunscreen. 

  • Every Thursday is our Library Day; please make sure to return the library folder.

  • Every Friday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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