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Pre K Fun This Week!

Dear Parents,

We have had another wonderful week in Pre K. We debriefed our 100-day

celebration, played some new games, continued working on our projects, shared,

learned, and had a lot of fun doing it! Plus, they celebrated the spirit of friendship

on Valentine’s Day sharing fun crafts they made with each other.

Large group

This week, we had a great time in large group! We continued our routines with

songs, learning beginning and ending sounds and so on, but we introduced a fun new

component- class helpers! Each day, we assign 3 kids to be our helpers for the day.

The helpers are in charge of doing the circle time center, board, and counting the

caterpillar. Their other responsibilities are making sure that we clean up after

activities. The kids absolutely loved this and were so responsible in completing

their tasks! We look forward to continuing to see our amazing helpers.

Cooperative Game

This week, we tried out a new cooperative game! In this game, the kids worked on

their math skills and their hand eye coordination. In the game, we set up several

dots around the room, each with a number on it. Then, the kids would move around

until the song stops and we say freeze. The teacher then says one of the numbers

with their back turned, and whoever is standing on that dot goes out and sits to

the side. We then repeated the process until there was only one kid left. After

this, we did another round with the same format but instead of a number we said a

color. The kids had a blast playing this and we look forward to doing it again soon!


For our math session, we continued to work on the concept of addition. We added a

new component to our board called “what’s this sign?” and this week we had the

addition and equals sign to familiarize the kids with the notation used for adding.

For the activity, we had kids come up to the front in pairs and we gave them each

an number of materials to count. Once they counted their own, we combined the

materials with the person next to them and counted those together. The kids are

doing a great job with this, and we can see that their recognition of numbers is

increasing fast!


This week in science we are further expanding on the kids’ interest in gardening

and the science behind food. The kids watered and checked on their plants and

observed that some of the bean plants are growing taller and faster than the

others. We then had a very insightful discussion about the factors that can either

positively contribute to or make a plant’s growth more challenging. In addition to

this, the kids did independent work on worksheets where they identified parts of a

plant, and types of produce. The kids also did a practical experiment mixing shaving cream to help visualize the concept of chemistry, how adding something to a substance can change its qualities. They had a lot of fun and were very engaged with these activities!


For our art session, we continued to work on the collaborative canvas that the kids

started a few weeks ago. The kids were particularly interested this week in how

mixing different colors can bring about a variety of results. They have gained so

much knowledge about art composition, collaboration, color theory, and more

through this endeavor! Their creativity and inventiveness continue to amaze us, and

they had a great time in art this week.

Our activities for next week will be:

Monday- Music and Movement

Tuesday- Literacy (zoophonics)

Wednesday- Math

Thursday- Library

Friday- Science

Our Specials

Tuesday- Ethiopian Center

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday- Library

Friday- Art


● Please don’t forget to send your child with a hat and sunscreen as it gets

sunny after snack!

● On Thursday, please return Library Folder.

● On Art days, please make sure to send your child with an art appropriate


Have a wonderful weekend!


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