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The Artist in Little Einsteins!

Greeting parents,

It is our pleasure to thank all parents for coming to our Annual Art Auction on Saturday. You all made it beautiful and thank you for buying the amazing artworks our little Einsteins made! Do not forget to mark your calendar for next year!!

Large group this week

Art auction has been and still is the talk of the week and we are happy it turned out to be as stunning as we expected it.

Small group this week

Journal day: as the time goes by, our group’s creativity, interpretation of drawings and explanation skill is improving rapidly. We are so happy to see that improvement, as it is part of the goal in doing journal. Here are some of the stories,

Yanet: “These are candies for my dad.”

Victor: “This is spider man

Yamlak: “This is the black Spiderman, he is going to his house.”

Finnegan: “That is me and that is a rainbow

Water on the plate: this week cooperative games include their favorite weapon, water! The children created a fun game when they trace the black board with sponge and water; they race by caring the water cup to get to the black board. Based on that interest, we prepared plates, cups, bucket and tub. The game is to fill two cups, put them on the plate and race down to dump the water cups in the tub. The game required them, balancing, focusing and problem solving in how they can manage to the water cups on the plate and how fill them.

Oh My Germ: as we are on the topic of composition, the children keep collecting different fruit peels. This week, we talked about how the peel we have collected, looked rotten and what makes them to be like that. We talked about small germs (Microorganism) that makes the peels decompose. This fact made the children curiosity divers into a topic of germs and we talked about what germs are, where we can find them, and how it would not be enough to wash our hands with only water, we then made little experiment to prove our discussion. We used Paper (as germs) Soup, water (as a surface of our hand) and plate. The instruction was very simple and the outcome was very fun to see. The first step was to pour water on the plate and spray paper on it, the children then put their index finger in it and find out the germs were stuck on their fingers but after we out soap on our finger and tried to put the it on the plate, the germs flooded away. So please make sure to get those papers by washing your hands with soap!

Picture this week!


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