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Greeting Parents,

There is this saying, “ The thing about a new beginning is that they require something to end” that’s how most teachers feel these days. We say goodbyes to some of our students and began with some new ones. As we are moving closer to the end of our school year, we are becoming more emotional and at the same time thankful for the great memories we are having till the end.

Small group this week

The 100th day: after a long count down, we made it to the 100th day with a lot of excitement and good memories. While talking about it during large group, there was a lot of back and forth conversation how amazed they are for ‘growing up'; they even consider themselves as a dinosaur! Our 100th day was well spent based on our plan, we used our small group by drawing how we feel about our 100th day. They wanted to take the drawings home, and we hope it hanged by the fridge as Finnegan said or to “My dad's office” as Nati said.

Water in a bowl: it is nothing like seeing our students smile and enjoy their time, and what is a better way of bringing that smile with a water game. This week we chose their favorite game, which is carrying a water bowl and pass it to their friend behind them overhead. The game goes like this, we divided them into two groups, and we put a bucket of water in front of them and a bowl for the first person in the line. Then the first runner will fetch a bowl of water from the bucket and pass it to the friend behind overhead! That when the fun starts, if they manage to reach the last person, they will dump the water in a tub, which in our case was very rare chance!

Blow balloon with soda: the experiment continued this week as we explored another way of blowing balloons. Before we start our exploration, we open a conversation on how we can blow a balloon,

Victor: “When my dad blow the balloon for my birthday, he collected all the airs and blow the balloon, that how you can blow a balloon.”

Yamlak: “ You can use you lung to make it the balloon big.”

Finnegan: “ You use you mouth and tongue!”

After more conversation, we talked about the different materials we used for the experiment. They were so eager to start the activity; we then went right to it. Materials you need for the experiment are Balloon, Salt, and Soda.

The instruction to blow a balloon!

  • Put salt in the balloon

  • Slowly place the balloon on the top of the soda

  • Finally, put the salt balloon in the soda and see what will happen.

Heavy and Light: we continued our topic about weight this week; we brought back the conversation we had when we start the topic, which is about comparing two things and see which one is heavy and light. For the activity, we grab different materials to support our ideas. We went by the grass and each of them garbed two things, they first explain which one will hit the ground first and why.


  • This week will be the final week to return library books and folders.

Picture of the week


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