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The Math-Magician!

Greetings parents,

Even though we are sad to say goodbye to some of our friends, some for good and some we hope to see back again, we are happy to see the friendship they created as their friends are talking about them, the good memories that will stay with them and us forever, and their growth physically, emotionally, and academically. We are forever thankful for each one of you.

Small group exploration

Introduction to writing: before we start writing on our writing strip, we have introduced them to the concept of writing. We have explored with ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ hands, picking up things with either of those hands, and how to start things from left hand and finish it in right hand (Dragging a toy). We finish up our exploration with writing strip rules, which line we right on and which lines for the small letters and big letters.

What can absorb water: while we were exploring about seeds on the soil and bean in a cup, some of our groups were interested in how the cotton absorb the water and asked what else can absorb water. Based on that interest, we come up with a plan to explore with different materials that absorb water and do not absorb. We used cotton, tissue paper, plastic toys, sponge and furry foam. They compare two materials (sponge VS plastic toy) by putting them in water cup and see which material absorb the water.

Greater and Less than: we have explored with the concept of greater and Less when we did an activity on ‘Less’ and ‘More’ by comparing two numbers together. This week we changed the name to ‘Greater’ and ‘Less’ and compare two numbers. It was really easy concept for them to understand, they used counting animals and level them as ‘Great’ and ‘Less’ than each other.

Transportation: as most of our groups are traveling back, the idea of transportation come to the table. We talked about the different transportation we use to travel to different countries. We divided the types into Air, Water and Land, we asked our groups if they can classify the different transportations they know into the types. We explored with many means of transportation like, submarines, jet, “Pirate” ship, air balloon and many more.

Use your feet: our cooperative game this week was picking up small balls from water tub using their feet. The rule was simple; you do not touch the balls with hands but your feet, it was so much fun as the ball keep slipping from their feet!


o Since it is rainy season, please send your child with raincoat and boots.

o Some of our activities will include paints and water so please send your child with extra cloth, including underwear.

o We will start Art with paint soon; in our special day program, which is Tuesday, therefore it is advisable to send your child with an old cloth.


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