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The Next Einsteins!

Greeting parents,

Art auction has inspired some of our groups to be ‘Art sellers’; this week Art Auction was still the topic we have been talking about. It became more than a talk when Victor asked his teacher for a paper and draw a forest, right after he finished, he said to his teacher, “This is a forest and there are a lot of animals in it, can you buy it?” some of them grab the idea and offered their drawing with very reasonable price! Hope you all had a fun week.

Small group this week

Worksheet Monday: pre-k groups recognize the sound and identify most of the letters, this week we challenge them with a worksheet to write the ending sound of a picture. We first explore with all the sound the picture has and they all tried to write the ending sound with the teachers help.

The kindergarten had a matching blend worksheet, where they match the blends ‘fr, br, tr, cr…’ to different words on the pictures. Their reading skill is improving by the minute.

Assignment for both parents: we will send some worksheets for them to explore, please help them do it together.

Music Tuesday: even though music is part of our daily routine, our groups could not get tired of moving and listen to music that easily therefore this week we made Music our small group activity. It is always put a bright smile on our faces to see them create their moves, mostly inspire by Spiderman and Princess Elsa, and enjoy different music.

Music is a fun way of developing children's physical growth, confidence, social and communication skills. Therefore, parents get your groove on and throw a little music party with your children this week!

Magic Wednesday: since the school is nearly coming to an end, we took it upon ourselves to make fun and experimental science activities every Wednesday. This week we explore with ‘Magic Milk’; it is a quite simple and fun experiment to do at home. As we always do, we first let them discuss what they think will happen before we start, and we talked about every ingredient used like, soap, milk, Q-tips, and food colors. After that, we let the magic happened!

Instructions: materials you need, plate, Q-tips, milk, soap (liquid), and food colors. First, pour the milk on the plate, then drop a small amount of food colors (use colorful ones), and finally deep the Q-tip on the liquid soap and keep it in the middle of the food colors, we leave the rest for you all to see!

How heave are you: when children play, they can lead teachers to come up with different activities. During recess, one friend picked his friend and said, “You are too big, I can’t pick you up” and his friend reply, “It’s because I am powerful.” This Thursday for our maths session we explored what ‘weight’, is, we first had a fun conversation when we asked them what ‘Weight’ is and they all answered with the definition of ‘Wait’, we then continue explaining to them what it was and they understand very well.

After they understood the concept, we talked about what thing is heavy and light. We finished the activity by their inspired game lifting their friends and even Elsa! They compare and decided who was light and heavy, it turned out Elsa is the heaviest in the world as Nati put it.

Pictures this week!


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