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Greeting parents,

Hope you all had a great weekend. We are happy to officially welcome our new friend Frankie to our group. Our helpful groups are trying to make him feel at home by inviting him to play and show him around.

Quick Reminder: we are excited to start our Winter Camp from December 20th – January 6th.

What we have explored with during Large Group

Practice writing: as we have started the topic of writing last week, we continued to practice writing different words on our writing strip.

Book of the week: our favorite book this week was called, “The Mixed Chameleon” it is about a Chameleon who wanted to look like different animals but at last decided to love and be himself.

Farewell November: we said our goodbye to another month and welcomed the month of Christmas, December. Our group main concern for this month was if Santa going to visit them or not!

What we have explored with during Small Group

Writing: we continued our last week session on writing. This week, after recalling what we have coved last week, we started writing on the writing strip and talked about the ‘Two finger’ rule to separate words. Writing on the writing strip will be our daily practice during large group from now on.

Healthy Eating: it is LE culture to support children to choose healthy way of eating. It is part of our daily conversation during snack time to talk about different foods, mainly fruits and vegetables that are helpful for them. This week we started our conversation of science with ‘What is healthy food’ they all mentioned different type of food they think of. We talked about different fruits and vegetables that are helpful for their growth, and also how they need to try fruits and vegetables they have never try before, they gave us their promise!

Revision on Addition: when the children explore with one activity, they will also expose to develop different skills that is the reason why we always support hands on activities for children with different materials. When we teach them additions, they will develop the skill of number identification, counting, color, fine motor skills, concept of adding and language and communication as they come up with different story of addition. Since addition was not a new concept, it was easy for them to add different numbers using counting bears.

Classification of Transportation: Last week we relate the concept of transportation with continents and country by asking the question “How do you travel from one continent to another?” the common answer was airplane. This week we printed our different means of transportation and our group classified them into transportation on Land, Water and Air.

Don’t let the water balloon hit you: this week’s cooperative game was fun and tricky at the same time. We hang water balloons under the shade and put box of balls at the end of the shade. The game is to get the balls by passing through the water balloons (They were moving from side to side) to get the balls from the box. It was so much fun.


o Our Library day is every Thursday, please makes sure to send your child with library book so they can change another one.

o Our Art day is on Tuesday so please do not forget to send them with their Art cloth.

o As the day is getting sunny, make sure to send your child with extra cloth and sunscreen.


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