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Weekly Blog For Pre-K and Kindergarten!!!

Dear Parents,

We had a fun week doing Christmas activities. We hope you had a great time as well. Best wishes for the coming new year!

Large group

We played with our free choice materials, sang morning songs, did our circle time, and counted the caterpillar. For our circle time we focused on the colour blue and rhombus as the shape of the week. We also did our letter of the week and other activities that the kids enjoyed.

Our Small Group Activities

Snowman activity

On this activity, our kids were making snowman. We wanted the kids to have a feeling of snow and Christmas since we don’t have it here. They explored how a snow feels by mixing cornstarch, flour, oil, and glue to make it stick. All the kids were excited to try it out and they were so engaged that it took us the whole small group session as well as our work time to have this amazing snowman for our Christmas.

-      Wow this is nice snowman “Yazeed”

-      Mine is a little sticky. “ Leayne”

-      Can I have more flour? “Abigail”

Ravioli Christmas tree

On this day we made a Christmas tree, but this time we made it more presentable by using a ravioli and they were so happy and were also asking, “how are we going to put the macaroni in the Christmas tree?” But when they saw how we would be doing it, all of them started getting excited and wanted to try it out and what they did really amazed us. They were all focused and were listening to the jingle bell song while singing along with it, they did a fantastic job. And we added more sparkle to make it shinier and more sparkly.

-      I want more sparkle.”Eldana”

-      I want the purple sparkly. “Abigail”

-      Wow, another nice Christmas idea you have, I love it. “Yazeed”

-      More blue glitter. “Kevin”     


Snow globe

Our Snow globe craft was very fun to make. We used laminating sheet, white paint and our very own kids’ pictures. The children used white paint to make it look like snow and then the kids sticked their pictures on it. They were saying “I'm on the snow!” Afterwards they used glitter to make their snow globe sparkly. At last, after the paint dried, we laminated the sheets and the kids got to see themselves on the snow. They were all so happy!

New year postcard

Our kids were going to do snowman eggs since it was in our schedule. But they decided to make a New Year postcard to give as a gift either for their friends or family. They all put their heart into it and enjoyed the process of decorating their postcards. They used markers, glitter and other materials to make it beautiful! We enjoyed each moment of it.

Our activities for next week will be:


Monday – Cotton ball Santa craft

Tuesday – Snowman name activity

Wednesday – Christmas stockings

Thursday- Baking pancake

Friday – Snowman eggs

Our Specials


Tuesday – Ethiopian center

Wednesday- Gymnastic

Thursday - Library




  • As it gets sunny, please send the children with a hat and sunscreen.

  • Every Friday we have art, so please send your child we art appropriate clothing.

Have a wonderful weekend!










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