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Zoo phonics and Early Preschoolers

Friday 11th June 2021

Dear parents,

The clock is ticking! We are one week away from the last day of school. We are getting closer to the time we get to relax and spend some quality time with our families, visiting different fun places, holding our beloved friends in our hearts.

Large group

We tried to refresh our minds talking about our Zoo phonics friends. The new thing we did this time was, we have talked about the first letter of our names and introduced it with a flashcard. The next day while we were doing our attendance, each one of us stunningly identified the first letters of our names, sorted it out of a bowl of letters and put beside our pictures.

Small group


Music and Library: In the morning we went to the Library and read different books of our choice. At work time we enjoyed singing different songs following different musical instructions.


Literacy: We have started our session revising the Zoo phonics using flashcards and 3D letters. Then we were asked to guess the new friend hid behind the teacher. Some say it is a cat, one friend guessed its a Dinosaur, others thought its an elephant. But the moment they see the flashcard, they all shouted, “fish!!!” While we were talking about its character, Yanis, said, “He dives and Yazeed explained, “ fish in water.” waving his hand to the side. After every body shared his or her ideas, the teacher introduced Francy Fish as the one who makes a sound, “f…f…f…” when swimming and everybody mimicked, gliding our hands at each other. Later we all got turns to sort it out of different 3D letters.


Math: As a continuation of our number recognition, we have introduced number Seven and used different materials to represent it. Right away we went outdoor to look for a treasure. Searching for 1 to 7 number flashcards and tell or read the number each time we found one.


Art: Trying to associate colours with flowers, we have discussed the experiences we had when working on our garden. Then had a walk around our school\s garden and watched that plants are of different colours. Back to our table, we started mixing some secondary colours and made flower fingerprints.


Science: This time our group chose to explore through different materials and have fun playing with them freely.

Pictures of the Week

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game/ Music and movement

Work time: Library

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Math

Thursday: Art

Friday: Science

Thank you,

Have a nice weekend

Adiam and Martha


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