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Pre school

We had a fantastic second week here in Little Einsteins. We have welcomed 3 new friends and celebrated 2 birthdays. We have done fun thing this week and here is a brief description of it.

We have started our mornings by reading books and singing a good morning song. Then we do the message board as the last part of our large group. We have developed our community and social skills.

For small group we had done library, building and construction, counting and texture, water and oil mixes and Journals.

For work time, we have explored in cars and trucks, dramatic play, play dough, hospital and building.

Quotes from Pre-scholar’s

“I am going to eat my finger because I am a bit hungry.”

“”I made a big chocolate cake with my mommy over the weekend”

“Happy new year.”

Next week small group plans

Monday - School is closed for holiday

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Journals

Friday - Literacy

Work time Areas

cars and trucks, dramatic play, play dough, hospital, building and Music and Movement

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