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Pre-K Weekly Insight

What a great and exciting week at Little Einsteins! We welcomed a new student in our class! We are enjoying the beautiful weather outside and can't wait until we play on the grass! Happy 4th Birthday Pepe!


During large group we explored in different ways on how we can learn to analyze data. This week we examined if we had an “a” or a “b” in our name. In our math exploration we continued to explore with the rice and pasta and used a variety of ways to count and measure. This week for our Literacy class we used play dough to create all the letters! Some letters were tricky!

Phrases from here and there!

“Pepe can you bring a cake that is big like the earth?!”

“Spider man is so cool! I just love love him!!!”

“Hi! Are you new? I will show you around, I will be your friend!”

Plans for next week

Monday- Library

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday- Science and Art (Please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes since we are using permanent paint)

Thursday- Math

Friday- Language

Have a great weekend!

Maraki- 0911487681


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