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Infants, Toddlers and Transitional Toddlers

Dear parents,

It was a fantastic week at little Einsteins. We had a very pleasant weather, which is not to cold not to hot. The children have enjoyed our new center “the shopping center”. The kids are enjoying going to the shopping and buying what they need. They also love relaxing in the picnic area and later on they drop by the restaurant! We will open a hair salon soon!

This week we welcomed a new friend called Angelina in our class!

Large group

For large group we continued to sing “Up and down” ,” One, Two” and read “Clifford’s Bathtime”

Small group

We had fun learning to play (bowling), treasure hunting and music. The children really had a good time playing bowling even though it was inside due to the cold weather.

Next week

Monday- Art

Tuesday- Emotions


Thursday-Telephone talk

Friday-Making faces

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