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Pre k

Dear parents,

What a terrific week we had in

pre- k. We were so proud to achieve our popcorn challenge once again and had a popcorn party on Monday.

Balancing weight on a hanger was fun; finding out how many things can look the same and weigh differently.

Literacy was fun following through a silly

rhyming song using our names and later on matching

the beginning sounds with the animals.

For science we explored how to classify and

sort foods in different category.

(Please ask your children the details).

This week in art we talked about how we can

express our emotions in our artwork and did

a portrait of our selves.

Next week plans

Monday – sports Monday

Tuesday – math

Wednesday – library

Thursday – literacy

Friday – science

We also enjoyed our new centre water wall. (Please send extra clothes just incase they choose this center.)

Specials- Monday -Music

Friday – Art

Reminders:- Extra clothes for water fun

  • Old clothes and shoes for art

  • Please Send Sun screen, hat and sun glasses.

  • Old bag packs for our new centre.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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