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Kindergatren Weekly News!

What a great week we had in kindergarten!

The grass area is open for everyone to play and explore!

The weather was so beautiful and

sunny this week giving us the opportunity

to discover new and exciting things!

What we are learning!

Among all of the principles, we follow the one that stroke my heart is that everything we do is based on the kid’s interests. Their ideas and suggestions not taken lightly rather turned into a lesson. On Thursday we planned to explore with colors on the

lightbox but our entomologist specialist

Anne found a millipede and decided that was our activity of the day!

We couldn’t wait so we went to the lightbox area immediately to investigate more! From our research that day we found out that the millipede had lost one of his antennas! We felt sad!

We have also noticed that its skin has a rough structure. Next week we will research thoroughly on the computer and books!

During this activity, we noticed something breathtaking! We saw a rainbow on the small mini garden area where our younger friends explore with when they go outside.

We couldn’t figure out where the rainbow came from. We looked and searched until finally, Zemel saw that it was coming through the magnifying glass!


  • Please note that Wednesday is half day and no school on Thursday due to Meskel festival.

  • Parents are all invited to celebrate Meskel with us in the school compound on Wednesday by 11:00 am.

  • If possible please dress your child in white or Ethiopian cultural dress!

Have a great weekend!

Maraki +251 911- 48-78-81

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