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As a community we create adventure based learning routine that emphasize science and outdoor discovery and prepares them with literacy, numeracy and social development for kindergarten. I personally believe the most long lasting and exciting learning is through first hand experience to things we have in our environment as expedition.

This week also embraced none

other than this routine and kicked of our expedition project. In our large group we gave them a clue of what we had planned for this week. Since my drawing was so bad they thought the magnifying glass I drew was a lollipop. After introducing our ideas and discussed over it we went out outside. We noticed the clouds and sky presence but what fascinated us the most was how close we can see the flowers, leaves and rocks seem on magnifying glass. We observed their shapes and marking they possess and talked about it.

The next day this expedition continued with letters. Yodit and Eyerus hid the letters in our garden, then asked them to look for them and find them. This activity was inspired by a book we read in our library called ‘Alphabet Adventure’.

It was fun finding their hiding place then we decided to put them in order. At first it was little bit tricky but our ‘ABC’ song came handy at this moment.

Another thing we have worked on this week has been our co-operative and team work skills. We had parachute fun. All of us had our own position around different colored lines. We wanted to make a beautiful wave but also keep the balls in the mean time on the parachute. It was fun, challenging and needed all of us to work together!


  • Please note that Wednesday is half day and no school on Thursday due to Meskel festival.

  • We also celebrate and have our bonfire on Wednesday by 11:00 parents are welcome to join us.

  • If possible please dress your children in white or Ethiopian dress.

  • Can you please send your kids with tights or shorts oon thuresdays for gymnastics.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

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