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Early preschool Insight

Dear parents,

What a week we had! it was filled with curiosity, making great bonds, and lots of investigation. We are preparing mid-semester reports which will be sent to all parents via e-mail on December 14th, 2018. We hope you will enjoy it.

Large groups this week.

This week’s large groups were long and filled with deep conversations about different issues. We had discussions about how we use the road signs when we drive bikes and scooters around the school. We also talked about our body and what its composed off. But the big talk of the week was about dinosaurs. After we read the dinosaurs book, Zak said there are flying dinosaurs. But some the kids didn’t agree with zak’s idea. They said only birds and airplanes fly. But Zak and Alexander tried to explain a dinosaur group ‘pterosaur’ and how it can fly. So we went back to refer ‘Usborne beginners, dinosaurs’ book to explain how some dinosaurs used to fly.

We also read different books about numbers, letters, body parts, family, and the water world. We also sing ‘Good morning songs’ and ‘apple and banana songs’. The kids enjoyed it.

Small group

Math – we measured ourselves and compare it with our friends. We used a yarn to measure and we compared which one was the tallest and which one was the shortest. Finally, we post them on our wall to see them every day.

Science – our continued science activity had met a deadlock because the dead plants we planted, won't come back to life and be green again. So we went back to the basics and try to investigate why they can’t live even if we gave them water light and soil. We take out one living plant with its muddy roots and green leaves and compared it with the ones we planted. Then we figured out our plants haven’t had roots. So we planted new seeds to see how they grow roots and leaves. So every morning when we got in the classroom we check if the seeds sprouted.

Literacy – our literacy this week was identifying the letters and challenging them to write a similar letter like forms. We went to the light box and using sand on the light table we tried to copy the letters we had. It was fun.

Next week plans

Math – patterns

Science – continued planting

Literacy zoo-phonics


  • Please make sure to send in your library books on Wednesday since its the last week before the break.

  • Please make sure to send your child to school with swimming suits incase they choose the beach/ocean center.

Have a great weekend!

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