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Kindergarten Weekly News

We hope you had a productive week as we did. Last Friday our books were published and the authors were happy that a lot of people bought their books.The grand opening included an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, cupcakes, and fruits and we used the library room as a writing corner for parents and students to engage in the process of creating a book. The students were really excited to take on the role of a cashier and participated in the selling of their books.

I would like to thank all parents who partook in the grand opening of the bookstore. The students were really proud of themselves and they were so happy that they achieved all the goals they set in publishing their books. They are ready to take on the next challenge in the bookstore!

Here is a recap of last weeks bookstore grand opening!

How time flies by! Christmas is here! We only have one week left to end the term and go on holidays! We will be open for winter camp from Dec 24th- Jan 11th.

The winter camp will have fun and exciting activities our students will enjoy. If you plan to stay in Ethiopia make sure to check our plans for the three weeks of the winter camp.

What we did this week

We started our week with a big smile and greeting of Zemel who came in first and went to the tricycle and waited for his friends to arrive, which only took 4 minutes until his friends joined him. On our large group, we discussed how the bookstore party went. The group responded with delight and confidence that it went very well. We read our small books, which has really helped our students in identifying sight words.


Our main topic for geography was mountains. We had pictures of different mountains including Mount Everest and Ras Dashin, Ethiopia’s biggest mountain. We looked at our world map and tried to find the locations of each mountain. After our activity, we proceeded to our worksheets.


We took time in our large group to discuss how we must use our traffic lines in our compound. The student talked earlier in the morning that there should be a traffic police to help keep the school safe.

Our traffic boys greating eachother before they start their busy work.

Later on, we went to the bookstore to try and identify the sight words posted on the walls. We had worksheets that helped us identify the sight words. After completing the worksheet we compared and colored the pages on our worksheet to match the ones from our bookstore.


During our large group, we were all actively engaged in counting the numbers from our calendar. We then discussed how the three-dimensional shapes were formed, what their names were and how many sides each had. During our discussion, each of us had three-dimensional shaped toys.

We explored our shapes. After completing our activity we worked on our worksheets. One of the worksheets had matching items to the three-dimensional figures. The task was to cut and attach each shape to the corresponding real-life items like balls, cups, and cones. We completed our tasks very well and headed out for a snack!

Shape hunt

We continued our math class from the previous day. This time our mission was to go outside and find the 3-d shapes that were secretly hidden by our teacher. We really really enjoyed every second of it! We plan on doing it again next week.

Beach/Ocean Center:

Beach center is finally open! The project has come to completion because of the deduction and hard work the students put together with their friends and teachers. The beach center includes a beachside with a sandbox, an ocean, palm trees, a small swimming pool, different types of fish and a shop for some goodies.

Fun moments!

Staying fit early in the morning.


  • Please make sure to send in your library books on Monday since its the last week before the break.

  • Please make sure to send your child to school with swimming suits incase they choose the beach/ocean center.

Have a great weekend!


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