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Dear Parents,

Just another exciting week in our school, we have been practicing our Zoo-phonics during snack time using teachers name, For example, Adam said, “Look Tesfaye, sssssss is for Su Su.” Our large group was full of fun, we have been singing a song that we never had the chance to listen and sing to and it turned out to be pretty fun. We also talked about the dream we had during the weekend, and they were very happy to share them with our friend.

Helle; “I saw elephant and he eat me!”

Rachel; “ There was a lot of cookies and I cook them.”

Juliette; “My daddy give me Hello kitty.”

This week for a small group:

Obstacle course Monday; our obstacle course is now becoming bigger and more challenging, but super fun! The kids were enjoying it. It had four courses. We called the first course “Snake Crawl” they crawl like a snake on a mat, then they go through “The Cave” the circle tent, then they jumped 6 Hoola-hoops and the final course was riding a bike to the finishing line.

Measuring is super fun: For our Math on Tuesday, we start discussing

measurement, and we particularly worked on length. We paired up and they were excited to measure their friends’ height on the wall and comparing each other’s height.

“Isheja is the tallest!”

“Melo is the shortest!”

Classifying on Wednesday; we are still discussing the concept

‘categorizing’ (classifying) in our science class. We discussed animals habitats and grouped them based on where they live. In our case, we choose, Tree, Snow, Desert, and Water Animals. We were so happy to talk about where the animals live.

“Polar bear lives in the snow”, “Big fish lives in the water.”

Alliteration Thursday; It was so much fun to practice our alliteration by comparing the beginning sound of our name with the same beginning sound of an animal, Rachel said, ”rrrr (Robby rabbit)is for rabit and for me.” Marlow “mmm (missy mouse) is for my name and monkey”, Saeed “look ssss(Sammy snake. ) Saeed” and showed his teacher the zoo-phonics picture snake.

Our special

Art; We added two more colors to our rainbow and we will stick it on our rainbow next week.

Music and Gymnastic; We recap what we have been learning and they were very good at remembering the moves.

Our next week plans

Monday – Puzzle and play dough/Journal

Tuesday – Math (Measuring Weight)

Wednesday – Science (More on classification)

Thursday – Literacy (We will keep discussing beginning sounds)

Friday – Library


Mon- Music

Wed- Art


Wednesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wear their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities get messy!

Friday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Have a nice weekend!

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